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  1. Well J plays mostly vintage JMs, so some Duncan Antiquities would be a great option, and AVRI pickups are also a good one. As for the neck fitting, the current Jagmasters are conversion necks like someone has said, but the body itself is made for a 25.5 inch neck which means that any strat style neck will fit right on there no problem. There are a lot of options for replacement necks, Allparts and Warmoth being two of the most popular. Another, and possibly the cheapest, option would be a squier strat neck from ebay. Many sellers part out guitars and I bet you could score one from a bullet strat very cheaply.
  2. its the amp i've always dreamed of. i wasn't sure about the amount of gain seeing as its a "vintage" voiced amp, but man this thing can get mean. The guy i bought it from didn't have a footswitch so i ended up making one on my own tonight with great results. Pics tomorrow if time permits.
  3. no pictures yet but mine has become mustang>small clone>boss super phaser>dd-3>dl4>holy stain>mute> ORANGE AD 30!!!!!!!!!
  4. thats funny feedback. by classic definition a paper tiger is one that portrays strength and power but after all is only paper. My thought behind it lies in the fact that people will look at something and determine its make to write if off as a threat or as a weak artifact. While a paper tiger may seem like a push over due to its construction, it is still a tiger. And when the fear of it is abandoned in favor of a benevolent design it will come closer and show its teeth.
  5. i am now in a band called paper tigers
  6. i looked yesterday, (cant remember where) but i think they are in the 300-400 range in the U.S
  7. add a whammy to my current set-up. i tend to be really good at getting people to let me borrow things with no window for return so i've pretty much got this until i give it back, and i really am enjoying it. not experiencing the tone suckage most people report with this thing. getting some sweet organ and bass tones. it makes me want to be tom morello/jack white lol
  8. on the subject of "dirt whore" i think i might qualify too. my board has a ds-1. a russian muff. a fulldrive 2. the holy stain fuzz/drive. and i have an OS-1 too but it's at a friends house. maybe i'm just a whore in general though. due to my previous statement about delay and such
  9. where are your BYOCs? (at least i think you have them?)
  10. my thoughts exactly. you might try and get in with one of the builders for a secret snatch of them, though it may be for a price... hmmm
  11. i can agree with you there, sometimes when i look at my russian muff sitting there missing screws, with a hand drilled and wired power jack, the little feedback switch i added, i just really appreciate it and the ability it gave me in messing around with wiring. and even though the XO stuff is supposedly the same wiring and layouts i just have no desire to open them up. something about the quirkiness of the old boxes gives it a timeless charm and they look so simple that you just HAVE to open them up
  12. yeah we've talked about this before richie, but i've gotta say i've been getting really tired of the odd jack placement and the enclosure sizes on my ehx pedals now that i'm actually assembling a board and not just throwing pedal out there on the floor. as much as i love the retro stuff, the new xo stuff is really growing on me for the compatibility they have. its nice to be able to plug something in without having to wire an adapter input and flip the jacks just to have it in a chain. end rant
  13. i've been reading a bit about them now. apparently there is a 4 count intro before you can start looping. so that seems like it would really crap on the live applications of it.
  14. this thread is a trip. and a lot of good points were made. i've lived my entire life in a christian household with pastors as parents. and i've seen a lot of stuff that can move even the hardest hearted people. does it mean that "God" is in fact one being who reached down to touch a heart? no. but it does go to say for me that there is something bigger. not bound by specific works but in the hearts of the individual who lives a life. richie said that its up to you what you do, and thats exactly what life is about doing what is right for you and you alone. everything is just a chain of events and reactions to them. by going out of your way to not do what you feel, you will drastically alter things that might have been. and in the end your personal journey, and happiness and love is all that matters. whether you subscribe to an idea of god as an entity or as an energy it is what your head tells you that will be true. and be real. people lose grasp of the fact that we are, regardless of race religion sexual orientation fat skinny blonde black or white, just molecules. humans all the same, with a lifespan and desires. with hopes and dreams. so much time is spent telling others that their dreams are wrong that it stifles your own dreams. its all about perception
  15. why did i now know about this? it seems to do the same things that i use on the DL4 but without all the stuff i don't use anyone have experience with it?
  16. it came from another forum i think, but i've always loved "we talked about cars" as a band name
  17. humbucker in mustang seems cool in theory but i'm really really considering taking mine out and replacing with lipsticks. something about the bucker is just "okay" never great
  18. thank you! i've been working on it little by little. still saving for an FM 4 and also to build my noise creations as soon as possible. about the twin, i really love it because it just provides a huge blank space for my effects and such to fill. and when i get tired of effects it sounds great all by itself too
  19. my pics are always dark. oh well tuner->ds-1->crybaby->russian muff->fulldrive2->small clone->phaser->dd-3->holy stain->dl4->ns-2 noise suppressor-> twin
  20. i've asked this question the whole time i've been watching this. really hope we wont be seeing a "my jag wont intonate" thread shortly here.
  21. Love Muse, Hate these! Whats that thing in front of the bridge on the silver one? it looks like one of those synth pickups
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