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  1. I would say the Sheraton or the Ibanez. But take a look a the Hagstrom Viking, they are pretty nice guitars.
  2. My new Jagmaster II has a satin finish.
  3. The neck has a satin finish on the Jagmaster, and a heavy gloss finish on the Jaguar. Dunno about the Jazzmaster, I never tried one.
  4. I have both Jagmaster and Jaguar, the bodies look very similar.
  5. I don't like sunburst Jaguars that much. Except HH with white pickguard.
  6. Well, I also like Cobain and Moore for sure, but for me the one is Kevin. He uses to create incredible sounds and textures, and that's why I love him.
  7. Guitars : Fender CIJ Jaguar Eagle red sparkle Strat Ibanez V50JP And a Jagmaster in the mail Amp : Epiphone Valve Junior Effects : Boss DS-1 that I'm gonna Keeley mod on next week. Boss SX-700 Danelectro Fab Echo I sold all my other effectsto buy the Jagmaster, but I'm planning on buying 1 Ibanez SC-10, a DOD 250, a Behringer GDI21, a Rocktron Midimate.. And others.
  8. I never really used my Jag's tremolo. And since I lost the whammy bar, I don't use it anymore
  9. Here's mine : http://xkalikx.free.fr/Images/jaguar2.jpg
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