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  1. I think that the whole offset hollow body look is very cool, and the headstock is pretty wild as well
  2. Hey, I've always loved the look of the vintage Fender Starcasters, but was always turned off because of the outrageous price tags that people think they are worth. Are their any copies? or companies that make guitars similar to these beauties?
  3. Hey guys, i'm looking to get a shoegaze-y effect out my pedals, but im not sure how to get it from them, i have a Ehx double muff, Line 6 DL4 DoD Flanger and vesta fire chorus also on the DL4 how do i get it do warp my sounds like ive seen people do it with analog delay, but can it be done with the DL4, i got a weak sound just by messing with the delay speed..?
  4. Hey i saw the pickups on the old Fender XIIs and loved them are there any companies that make split single coil pickups any more (that arent for bass0?
  5. Hey, some one has told me that instead of buying a Boss dd-20, i should buy the "digitech hendrix / delay pedal" i have no idea what this is, and there are no traces of it online, does anyone have any idea what this pedal is?
  6. Sup Jag-stang.com? i recently obtained a '91 MIJ jaguar, on ebay, the guy before me keep terrible care of the jag, so it was messy and had the stock Jaguar Bridge, which meant lots of buzzing in the bridge, so around chirstmas i got myself a mustang bridge, fit it on and just cant seem to make the problems stop here are the problems heavy Buzzing on the low E string Cant fully bend on low e string around 12th fret, and general buzzing every where else below the 12th fret is there any way to fix the bridge to prevent these, or do i need a buzz stop or what?
  7. hey mad mike, how do you get your trem bar to not swing around when u play?
  8. Hey i just bought a MIJ Jaguar and the bridge has given me hell.... i saw this about 7-8 seconds in what does Mike Einziger have on his Jazzmaster that puts more tension on the strings?
  9. Is it possible to replace the 3/4 neck on the jag-stang, with a full scale neck like a jaguar neck???
  10. 500 USD, Is Ebay the best place, or are there other places to buy?
  11. I recently got into the whole "other" Fender Scene, and i loved the Mustang, but most of them were out of my price range, (0-500),i was wondering if there existed a mustang (used or new, i dont care what type or where it was made) that was under 500??? Any help would be appreciated
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