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  1. so the Seymour Duncan SSl-5 and the Seymour Duncan SH-5 duncan custom are a good combination?
  2. which seymour duncan pickups are good for a Jagstang? i heard that when you have a jagstang it is a good thing to replace the pickups and put new one in it, to get a better sound. but which are good and better?
  3. yeah, i want one to but than the older one, with the other neck.
  4. the neck on the re-issues are really ugly in my opinion.
  5. oh i did't check the website, i think it's a Hagstrom HG800/801.
  6. one thing i know is that Pat Smear plays this guitar in the time of Nirvana. i really like this guitar because of the shape and color. i don't know what the exact name is of this guitar.
  7. if it's about me, am not a troll and i did not disappeared suddenly, and the guy offered me to buy his Jagstang and i only wanna know which pedal kurt used because i think it's a very nice effect, and not because i wanne be just like kurt.
  8. i gonne build my own jazzmaster, but i don't no is which potmeters i need. there are different ones. A250k, A500k, B250k etc. but which do i need for the jazzmaster?
  9. yeah, i played wants on a Orange, i love the sound of that amp. but he's very expensive. maybe i just have to save more money.
  10. now i have is a Fender Jagstang, Epiphone SG special, Marshall MG-Model, and a Alvarez acoustic guitar.
  11. until now i like the sound of my jagstang, maybe i buy a new amp ( when i have the money) i want a better one.
  12. hi, i few months ago i bought a Jagstang, very nice! but now i wanna buy a mustang. is it strange to buy another guitar so soon?
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