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  1. Just picked it up tonite. 3 1/2 months wait was well worth it. Playing a short scale again will take some getting used to. Mastery Bridge is on the way and I think a PG change is in my future. Sounds great. Very stable but strings do still move a bit on the threaded saddles. If anybody has any questions I'd be happy to answer.
  2. Sweet. Sherwood is my favorite color. Not too stoked about the cyan PG but hey, it's your guitar. Did you get the plate directly from Stereordinary or second hand?
  3. Bringing this one out of the coffin just cuz it bugs me. Kinda funny, this is pretty much the only place I've seen a negative view on these. I don't have a dog in this fight and couldn't care less whether someone likes the mastery or not. I am a member of OSG though and comments like "I like the mustang better" from someone who hasn't tried a mastery or the view that OSG caters to a certain age group with high paying jobs are flat out ridiculous. It appears to me that this forum is for the misinformed and flat out idiotic. 160 "big ones"?? Really? A dollar is classified as a "big one"? If you took the time consider the amount of time and labour that goes into these bridges, $160 is not a lot. It's made in the USA. It's hilarious to me that everyone lines up to buy cheap crap at Wal Mart because they want a bargain then complain about the economy, then beats up on a guy in the US making a great product for a fair price. I think we've gotten a little to used to buying $5 sweatpants. We've lost sight of what it costs a North American company to make a quality product.
  4. MF and Sweetwater are shipping some now. I got mine from a local mom and pop store. They told me Fender said it should ship in April but could (fingers crossed) be early.
  5. I'm hopelessly in love with this 50th anniversary Jag. I had a Thinskin 62 a couple of years ago. It was a gorgeous instrument but I just couldn't bond with it. So tempermental. Yes they can be set up right and yes you can change the saddles but it just wasn't for me. I ended up building a Warmoth Jazzmaster"ish" guitar with a TOM and I LOVE it. Then I see this; My God! Such a gorgeous guitar! All the changes that many on other forums are griping about are actually a good thing IMO. It means I might finally have found a Jag that would work for me. I've just put my deposit down and now begin...the wait.
  6. there is a guy that makes them for about $4 on offsetguitars.com
  7. I just picked up a Duo last night. It is a one piece maple neck. Not sure about the whole scale thing. Actually thought I might change the neck but the stock one is really nice; and I don't mean nice "for a Squier". I just mean nice. This guitar is great. Never thought I'd say that about a Squier. Never thought I'd buy one either. Super light. AWESOME finish, better than my MIM Jag CP and about as good as my CIJ tele. I love the colour and the brushed aluminum pickguard. Definitely a great deal at just over $300 CDN. If I covered the logo and told you it was a Japanese or American Fender you'd never question it.
  8. I have a new CP jag and was wondering if anyone has replaced the pickups. I would assume F-spacing but are there any issues with the single/humbucker blend control? Any info would be appreciated.
  9. not UK but this is the only place i've found that may be able to help. http://home.comcast.net/~pickguards/
  10. i recently bought a CP Jag. Really love it. I certainly doesn't have the same quality as my American Strat but it is a well made guitar for sure. The action is a bit high (plan to have that fixed with a setup) and the nut is a bit too far to the left (hangs over the fret board just..a..hair). The guitar sounds great and for some reason, it seems to coax different playing patterns out of my fingers. It's a bit hard to explain but it's as if it knows I'm in a bit of a rut and is trying to help out. Yeah, i know...crazy huh? Anyway, considering the price difference, definitely do yourself a favor and give the CP serious consideration.
  11. nope, i mean the HH has the same dimensions as a regular american jag. Just get the case for a regualr jag for your HH.
  12. I bought a MIM Jag last night and I love it. I've never played "the real thing" but from a quality standpoint is almost comparable to my American Strat. I put a review in the Jag section if you are interested. http://www.jag-stang.com/Reviews/review.php?id=280
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