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  1. nah i think its surf green but it looks more like seafoam to me.. might be mint thought? lol, sorry, was a bad pun. great condition I'm from County Durham so I thought that were really funny
  2. Certainly sir! Take a look at this pic http://www.webrocker.de/jaguar/cms/2007/05/12/setup-the-tremolo-system/ - look at front view All you have to do is take the bottom 'T' nut off and remove the spring (hold the assembely together whilst doing this so it don't fall apart). Then you need to screw the 'T' nut back on so that it clamps the movable plate tight against the trem-lock. That's it, one solid bridge! I reinstalled the bridge with the spring placed back on the bolt (not fixed on) just to keep it safe and whole, ready to be reverted if the urge takes me.
  3. Graham Coxon is a genius, specially his poppy Blur stuff. Shame they had an annoying c##t for a frontman.
  4. Not me! I've actually mod'd the trem so it's now solid (but easily reversable) I seem to get a little more sustain this way and it NEVER goes out of tune
  5. Don't the new one's have thicker frets and a slightly different neck profile? This is all bad JuJu if you ask me. I play a '99 mij jag and the thing I love most about it is the ultra-thin neck and vintage frets. -first post btw.........Hello!
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