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  1. goto romania and find out...i'm sure he'd like some beer. jagermeister is his thing iirc
  2. i fell in love with jags/jazz's back when i was a kid, my sister was into sonic youth so i kinda got into them that way, thought they were cool. that and i have small hands too.,, so they fit perfect,, just be careful with mexican jags/jazz. like i say. i was playin one in the shop and it completely died out.. the guy in the shop was like..ew mexicans.
  3. well i DID break one in guitarguitar after 20 mins playing on it. the lead circuit died then so did the rhythm, so therefore as far as i'm concerned, just proves the mexican inferiority. i've NEVER had a jap jaguar die on me like that. and i've played lots.
  4. ahh again with YOUR ignorance. FTW = for the win,. As much as you have you knickers in a twist and want a cheap shot, that was a fair question and definately not ignorance. OH so when I don't know something and ask. its Ignorance. but when HE doesn't know and asks. its not ignorance? gimme a #### break.
  5. i spend 2 hours ..maybe a little more. per day. on the internet. that's plenty of time to make 14 posts. a post takes what? 20 seconds to type? OH and did i say HE spends too much time on the internet? NO. i didnt; i was unspecific.
  6. the ONLY real money. is GB pound Sterling . because that's where i live.
  7. yes it does.. the word Epic got added because of Epic Items you can look into it further..but you'll just get what i've just told u
  8. ahh again with YOUR ignorance. FTW = for the win,.
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