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  1. I use Dean Markley Blue Steel Mediums 11-52. When I tried flat-wounds I didn't like 'em. My 'style' is jangley. Flat-wounds are not jangley.
  2. If that was my problem I'd rather deal with stainless steel than get a glove. Too much of a learning curve and they'd look dorky.
  3. I thought Warmouth didn't do block inlays on short scale necks? I looked into that. Also, I really like Dean Markley Blue Steel strings on my Jags. Those are the only strings I use these days.
  4. I typed "block inlay" into Ebay. Maybe there are a few leads there... My results Good luck!
  5. Are you 100% sure that thing fits a jag? Jags have big butts.
  6. You can stick just about any pick up into a guitar if you have enough money.
  7. If your Orange amps avatar is accurate... do you play with over-driven Orange amps as your main sound? That would certainly lessen the need for a distortion pedal. I play with a clean sound, so in the classic Pixies/Nirvana-esque sound contrast kind-of-way, distortion offers the best change... but I have been enjoying my Empress Superdelay pedal the most lately.
  8. Well, *yeah* a tuner pedal is probably the best place to start, but isn't that sort of a technicality? If I just had one pedal to affect the SOUND, I'd have to go with a distortion pedal. For me that's an old Rat pedal.
  9. 1999 huh? Time flies when you're obsessing over guitar gear... My bandmates always get bugged with me when I plink on the strings on the 'wrong' side if the nut and bridge. I sort of like it, but that sound clearly belongs to Sonic Youth... sort of like how if you make a cool wall of efx sounds you can easily become a My Bloody Valentine rip-off.
  10. Sonic Youth had a bunch of their gear stolen a year or two ago, so I can see why they need Fender to hook them up. Funtoosh... that pickup behind the the bridge is quite impressive-- in a totally ridiculous kind of way; I think the next thing they need is a pickup past the nut.
  11. Sweet Sonic Youth guitars! Cool to go for the simplicity. I never touch the tone knob anyway, so I fully endorse those bad boys.
  12. I think they're handwound by the builder. I could have gotten whatever I wanted in the guitar, but I honestly can't remember if they used ceramic or what not. The builder also talked about waiting to get the nicer tortoise-shell pickguard from Italy or something. I think it looks quite sharp, and way better than the replacement pickguards out there (that I used on a Jag and Jazzmaster). Master-built adds like an extra thousand or so.
  13. Pretty bad-ass looking guitar with those quarter pounders, junebug. In France they call those pick-ups "burguer-royales."
  14. They aren't cheap. Here it is.I sort of question my decision, but you can get a 'basic' Jaguar "team-built" for around 3K, but I got mine Master-built for some odd reason. I didn't ask for any crazy requests like custom graphics or anything. Just the a bound neck, block inlays, and flamed maple neck. I guess when you think about how much custom shop Les Paul's cost it's not totally insane-- just slightly. It sounds great, but I have a refinished '63 Jag that has this amazing low-end (and a bit of mojo) that is quite different from the custom shop. Now that I have the guitar I feel like the only possible thing that could make it better is to go back in time, drop it off and then have it naturally age 45 years (no fake relicing, thanks).
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