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  1. quite simply: the best new fender guitars i've seen in a long while. taking into account the jag basses: this must be offset heaven. affordable offset heaven. finally. i'm happy.
  2. the owner donated money to some anti-homosexual organisation iirc danelectro is owned by Stephen Ridinger/Evets Corporation who can be found on this list: http://www.californiansagainsthate.com/dishonor-roll/
  3. + ? for the black + tort + maple color scheme! (it's eine Duo Sonic, btw, guitars are feminine ;
  4. http://fendermustangstory.com/gphotos/fmust76.html
  5. foxy is of course right, if you've got a good dealer near you, you could take the mustang there and ask them, they might help. can you post some pics of the guitar? plain blonde mustangs were made in the 70s, so that sounds correct, and will be quite a bit less worth than a 60s mustang. still, the 70s have become collectable as well, so a lot depends on the condition the guitar is in, if the electronics are still original, etc. ...
  6. Superfantastisch! ,~) what about putting too jaguar SCs into it, complete with claws and everything? a la this, you know: or, less cool, more accurate, mustang SCs ... (i'm really not much of a fan of strat SCs)
  7. jeremy's great!! oh yeah, and what's his mate's name, super-hans . . .
  8. the buzzstop does sth. slightly different - it changes the angle, and it keeps the strings behind the bridge from vibrating too much.
  9. mhm, whats the problem? shouldn't be any different than any other single coil. you'll normally solder the braided shielding to the pot:
  10. bienvenu anarchiste, and wow, i think you are the second french user to join this week ... first of all: the CLASSIC PLAYER jazzmaster is not japanese, it's mexican. so the pickups are at least okay (the japanese ones aren't.) of course they can be changed, there are single-coils and humbuckers in jazzmaster-pickup covers. (les micros = pickups in english) uhm, if you have a look at sonic youth's collection ... okay, enjoy the forum!
  11. didn't you have a highway one strat, fran? i think they came with this mod. (ah no, wait, they had greasebucket wiring, that's bit more complex.)
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