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  1. Get a W/B/W pickguard and regular knobs on there!! Cool finish too.
  2. It was 'Guitar Store' near Centrl Station, they're not usually very cheap but these guitars are normally only desirable for modding. If you can get one cheap enough they're worth it just for the body. Mine was Dakota red. I think they were only around
  3. Just for a price referance I actually bought one of these second hand in a guitar shop around 2001 (guitar store in Glasgow and it cost me
  4. And make sure that your guitar hook you have it on isnt holding the neck in a weird position, if it's jammed in there it could be adding to the problem.
  5. I dunno but I doubt it. I think it's just the same as the stuff you buy for furniture.
  6. It's the Jaguar all the way for me. The Mustang has it's good points, it's very straight forward in comparison and a bit easier to heft about (unless you have a 70s one, they feel like concrete). I've never liked the Jag-Stang it's a crime against design. The upper horn and lower butt bout look totally unfinished. (I'm guessing that won't be too popular a point of view on here)
  7. You should buy some lemon oil and give the fretboard a good going over, it'll come up a treat.
  8. Cool I might just do that. I don't think that I can live with the black on black. The new volume and tone Knobs arrived for it today. I went for the classic Jaguar side-screw ones.
  9. Yeah, exposed to enough direct sunlight most things will bleach in time, whether they're natural objects or pigmented.
  10. As for the burst on them I prefer the severe 70's style and I like to see a bit of wood figuring in the middle.
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