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  1. All I had to do for the killswitch was drill another hole. If you place it correctly, it'll fit in the channel that goes from the bridge cavity to the control cavity. I did have to do some routing to fit the bridge pickup in, because the original cavity was for a humbucker, not a slant single...but it wasn't that hard. the original bridge was the same type (6-saddle string-thru), just a 'short' one that fit up against the pickguard. Just make sure the screw holes are the same and you're good to go...
  2. This is my latest guitar project, a cheap Squier Tele custom that I modded somewhat extensively. Hardware: replaced stock bridge with single coil plate bridge, trimmed the pickguard to fit and did some hand-routing with a chisel on the original humbucker cavity to fit the bridge pup Wiring: original 3-way toggle, kill switch (red button), master tone/volume, bypass solo switch, and series/parallel switch for both pups Pups: Tog t-rails (cheap eBay rails pup) in the bridge and Seymour Duncan Phat cat in the neck. I'd say it turned out rather well despite trimming the pickguard with a swis
  3. Mike Einziger from Incubus...I know he plays all kinds of guitars, but he used a Jazzmaster almost exclusively for A Crow Left of the Murder and I think he uses one live too:
  4. It's pretty hard to sing and play it at the same time... I find anyway... It is a pretty easy song (almost all of Nirvana's are) but it's got a certain feel to it that's hard to replicate. And it is kind of difficult to sing and play at the same time, especially for a non-singer like myself
  5. This is the same Jag I've posted pics of before, but as I've made some upgrades I thought I'd re-post: -stock neck pickup, Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound in the bridge -buzzstop installed backwards (it actually works quite well that way) -Schaller straplocks Against Mustang-Pete's advice I put the stock white pg back on (I also have a black pearloid one), and swapped out some black pickup covers from my G&L strat I'm also hoping to do a series mod with the bass cut switch when I have the time and inclination to take it all apart....again. Sorry the pic is so dark
  6. The treble is actually not quite as beefy as I would have hoped, though the bass and mid ranges are all quite fleshed out, with the appropriate amount of punch. I'm still experimenting with the pickup heights though, and I think the bridge pickup may still be a bit low, resulting in less voltage...a significant upgrade to the wimpy stock bridge pickup, though.
  7. heart-shaped box, if I could hack it
  8. A lot better--I can finally match the output of the neck and bridge pickukps
  9. Fully installed. I had to switch the leads, like the SD schematics said...the neck p/u is still all original. I am considering removing the other white pup cover and/or switching back to the original white pg for a 'black on white' look. Thoughts?
  10. The big thing to remember with the vintage-style tuners (if that's what you have) is that whatever length you cut the string is the length it's going to stay. A couple times I've cut them too short (especially on the high E and B strings), and when you start to tune the string the tension may pull the the end out of the tuner if the string isn't long enough to wind around the tuner head a few times. Make sense? Other than that it is fairly straightforward, once you've cut a bit (not too much!) off the end of the string, you stick it in the hole, bend it sideways so it's sideways parallel to th
  11. I don't own any basses, but a friend of mine has done some basic but interesting mods: Ripping the frets out of an old pawn-shop Peavey Bass by heating them up with heat from a blowtorch...it was shielded with a piece of metal but I think he burnt the neck a bit anyway...got a decent fretless out of it Refinishing an old SG bass with a badass bridge and a single bridge bass humbucker (not sure what type), all natural raw finish...pretty hardcore.
  12. Yeah, since I tend to use both pickups at the same time quite a bit I'll wire it according to the schematics and get back to you on how it sounds. Of course, if I ever get another SD pickup I suppose I will have to redo the whole thing... thanks again.
  13. Interestingly enough, when I re-strung my jag I mounted the buzzstop backwards, and it gave just enough increased tension to keep the strings in the saddles without making the string angle behind the bridge too sharp or causing string binding. I recommend it. The only problem is that the groove isn't cut right for the tremlock to work when the buzzstop is mounted backwards, but as I don't use it anyways it wasn't an issue.
  14. I recently purchased a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder to replace the stock bridge pickup on my CIJ jag, and as I have a bit (enough) experience soldering I thought I'd do the replacement myself. I realize this is one of the easiest mods ever, but as I'm not terribly familiar with electronics I thought I'd ask a few questions so I don't have to do it twice: 1) There is an extra silver wire coming out of the bottom of the pickup. Am I right in assuming that this is a separate ground wire, and should be attached to the claw from the old pickup? If I'm not using the old claw, does this wire need
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