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  1. Thanks Johnny! And yeah, I hear what you're saying, but it definitely lacks the luster of my Strats or Teles - its thicker and fatter sounding, but nowhere near the brightness that I'd like. As far as its pots and cap, the pots are both 1-meg (I checked), and its hard to say what a pair of 500k's would sound like, but you're right, pots and cap are a cheap, quick and fully reversible experiment, so no worries. Maybe someone else will pipe-in, but if not, I'll report back once I've given it a shot - might be a few weeks. Thanx again.
  2. Hey guys, I recently finished the restoration of a '62 AVRI Jag that I've owned now since it was new in '98, and its got that classic super-chunky or beefy Jag tone, but it lacks any real 'sparkle' on the treble side of things, so I'm wondering about experimenting with tone caps. Has anyone here done such experimentation? I know that the stock primary tone cap (at the pots) is an 0.01uF, and I suspect that an 0.022uF would open it up a bit, but at the same time, I don't want to compromise too much in terms of its chunk or 'boominess' (for lack of a better word), so I thought I'd inquire to s
  3. Many thanks, Christopher! I appreciate your insights, especially your reference to the adjustable Warmoth variety. That style of bridge looks absolutely perfect for my needs, so I've gone ahead and ordered one. Hopefully, it'll work well with the stock string mute, and hopefully, it will adjust down low enough - I'm trying hard to avoid shimming the neck. All the Best, Mango
  4. Hey Guys, I'm thinking about replacing the stock bridge on a '62 AVRI Jaguar with a Mustang bridge, but I've got a couple of key questions: 1. Can you still use the original Jaguar string mute with a Mustang bridge? 2. Does the original chrome Jaguar bridge cover fit over the top of a Mustang bridge? Or do you have to dispense with that? 3. Is there any way to adjust string height (saddle height) on a Mustang bridge? Or are the saddles themselves fixed in terms of their individual height? Many thanx!
  5. If quality, precision, timeliness and overall customer service are considered factors, then it doesn't get any better than Tony at Pickguardian. He's made 3-4 different pick guards for me in recent years and some were not particularly easy to replicate, yet they all turned out awesome. Calling on Tony with confidence is a 'no-brainer'.
  6. Greetings All! Can someone tell me what to expect when changing the pickup covers on a '62 AVRI Jaguar? I'd like to replace the original off-white (vintage colored) ones with bright white covers, but its not clear to me whether the pickups are wax potted or not, and I don't want to screw anything up. For example, should I expect the old ones to easily slip-off or will they need to be heated and then re-potted? Anybody?
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