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  1. ive seen plenty of lefty stangs with just "fender" on the headstock.
  2. yeah, the classic 30 is a great amp. i changed the orig speaker and tubes some time back and it went a long way... its been out of commission for a while though because i recently got a 67 fender vibro champ, talk about tone!
  3. i have a peavey classic 30, and i used to play my vintage mustang with the guitar volume all the way up, and never really felt satisfied with the sound of the p/u's, so i swapped them out and was able to get a richer tone that way.
  4. yeah, i love my case, i feel like it has a lot of stories to tell.
  5. nice stang earth, reminds me alot of mine (pg 10 of this thread). did you have to do some routing to fit those p/u's, i wanted to put a jb jr in mine but it didnt even come close to fitting .
  6. did you really not know what that is?
  7. have you considered sending a tracing of it to a pickguard maker and leaving the switches blank? seems like it would look cleaner.
  8. i have a '67 and there is a ground wire that goes in between the control plate and the closest bridge post, hope that helps!
  9. i honestly wouldnt think twice about going with the mustang. the jagstangs are much heavier, much thicker, and the shape is awkward.
  10. that first one says its poplar, not alder... and i dont know what about it looks fake, the routes look fine and the shielding looks dead on
  11. i dont think ive ever seen a danelectro that ive liked
  12. hi, my 67 has the same ground wire running from my bridge to under the control plate, but its not as exposed as yours is. as for the screw, thats perfectly normal (look above at the stang in the header) and the finish is as aged as a guitar 32 yrs old should be.
  13. all of her stangs had my jaw dropping when i saw them recently, love the idea of having a jag trem.
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