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  1. Thanks for your help! I will order one soon. But it will take a while before they have one in stock. thomann.de says they expect them to be in stock on: 06.02.2012 musicstore.de says they expect them to be in stock on: 18.04.2012 (right handed model on: 15.06.2012) Which takes even longer. I can't find a single online store here in Holland that has one in stock. I will keep looking for a few days to see if they have one somewhere, otherwise i shall order one from thomann is guess. Thanks again!
  2. My friend has a Modern Player Jaguar. It plays really nice and sounds great for the price. They are made out of mahogany i believe. I wish i could compare it to a Squier VM Jaguar but i haven't seen those in one of my nearby stores yet.
  3. Haven't posted here for a while. But i'm back with a question: I can order a MIM Cobain Jag left handed. What would it take to make it playable for a right handed person? Do i only have to reverse/or change the nut, strings and intonation etc. Or is there more to it then meets the eye? The bridge doesn't seem to be angled or anything like that. I was thinking about getting a lefty because i already have a right handed Jag and really like the reverse look of a left handed model. (aká Super Sonic style)
  4. Sounds cool. Can't wait to see that Laguna.
  5. Looks good!!!!!! Looks a bit like one of those new Blacktop models.
  6. I think it's a good move by Fender for all the kids/guys/girls who want a humbucker Jazz/Jag but are not willing or can't afford it to buy a MIJ/CIJ/USA or a Classic Player Jazz/Jag, (CP's are still overpriced) and mod/route it for humbuckers etc. I love all 4 of them. It wouldn't be hard if i had to choose getting eighter a: ''Sonic Youth signature Jazz of one of those new Blacktop Jazzy's. Of course the SY Jazzy's are made with better materials, but for the price tag i wouldn't have to think very long. Now when is Gibson going to do this?
  7. As I recall, Serious Cat has also once said that he dislikes SGs because they have "really long necks", or words to that effect, which confused me to no end seeing as they're a shorter scale than most Fenders, and he actually owns a Les Paul which is the same scale length. I seemed to be the only person who picked up on it at the time though... You're right, I thought the SG had a longer scale lenght because the neck doesn't go as deep in the body like on a Les Paul. My mistake back then, i actually like SG's now....... (it's just that i had to get used to them) @Henry: I know what you m
  8. I can't say I agree, what do you use it for? Grunge/Post Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock, Nu-Metal etc. Bands such as: Nirvana, Puddle Of Mudd, Seether, Live, Godsmack, System Of A Down etc.
  9. You can play Grunge with single coils but it sounds fuzzy and dirty. (if you know what i mean) It sounds fuller with a humbucker/hotrail in the bridge. I like a distorted Strat bridge single coil for a more classic punk rock kinda sound. Or for a more blues rock kinda tone. Just look at Jimi Hendrix's sound. His tone is not the brightest sound there is. (which is a good thing, so don't get me wrong on that!!!!!!!) Of course Hendrix used a number of Fuzz boxes + Marshall amps for his muddy sound so that explains a lot, but you can stil hear how dirty and muddy a Distorted single coil sou
  10. If you really like your Squier Strat why not? It gives you a hotter sound + you can still play Funk/Blues with it. Altough i myself prefer to use the neck or middle single coil for Funk. I can't say to much for a Classic Player HH Jag since i never played one. I do have a MIJ Jag with 2 standard Jaguar pickups and to me, they sound really thin for funk/blues etc. It's getting modified for 2 full humbuckers + coil tap at the moment. But the standard HH Jag pickups aren't that bad from what i've heard. They are pretty decent i believe........ BTW, the: ''Fender FMT Telecaster'' is also a real
  11. I would go eighter for a: ''Telecaster, (with hotrail/humbucker at the bridge) Jaguar (hotrail humbucker in the bridge) or a Mustang (with hotrail/humbucker in the bridge)
  12. I'm using the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 myself. Good pedal if i say so myself. I also have a DS-2 Turbo but it sucks big time imo.
  13. Omg........ it's the Jag-Strat!!!!!!!!! Seriously, does it even work putting a short scale neck on a Strat body?
  14. True, most guitars that i have are brought under the 500,- euro price tag. The only real expensive guitars that i like are Les Paul/SG Standards at the moment. I don't own a Standard, but i do own a Les Paul Studio which is a great guitar btw. That's the only guitar that i hate myself for when i bump it against something. I don't have that with my Fenders. I think i see them more as Punk guitars so i don't really care when i bump one against something. To be honest, i don't really like the sound of the XN2. I brought it because the info/reviews said that it would be good for drop tunin
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