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  1. Thanks for your help! I will order one soon. But it will take a while before they have one in stock. thomann.de says they expect them to be in stock on: 06.02.2012 musicstore.de says they expect them to be in stock on: 18.04.2012 (right handed model on: 15.06.2012) Which takes even longer. I can't find a single online store here in Holland that has one in stock. I will keep looking for a few days to see if they have one somewhere, otherwise i shall order one from thomann is guess. Thanks again!
  2. My friend has a Modern Player Jaguar. It plays really nice and sounds great for the price. They are made out of mahogany i believe. I wish i could compare it to a Squier VM Jaguar but i haven't seen those in one of my nearby stores yet.
  3. Haven't posted here for a while. But i'm back with a question: I can order a MIM Cobain Jag left handed. What would it take to make it playable for a right handed person? Do i only have to reverse/or change the nut, strings and intonation etc. Or is there more to it then meets the eye? The bridge doesn't seem to be angled or anything like that. I was thinking about getting a lefty because i already have a right handed Jag and really like the reverse look of a left handed model. (aká Super Sonic style)
  4. Sounds cool. Can't wait to see that Laguna.
  5. Looks good!!!!!! Looks a bit like one of those new Blacktop models.
  6. I think it's a good move by Fender for all the kids/guys/girls who want a humbucker Jazz/Jag but are not willing or can't afford it to buy a MIJ/CIJ/USA or a Classic Player Jazz/Jag, (CP's are still overpriced) and mod/route it for humbuckers etc. I love all 4 of them. It wouldn't be hard if i had to choose getting eighter a: ''Sonic Youth signature Jazz of one of those new Blacktop Jazzy's. Of course the SY Jazzy's are made with better materials, but for the price tag i wouldn't have to think very long. Now when is Gibson going to do this?
  7. As I recall, Serious Cat has also once said that he dislikes SGs because they have "really long necks", or words to that effect, which confused me to no end seeing as they're a shorter scale than most Fenders, and he actually owns a Les Paul which is the same scale length. I seemed to be the only person who picked up on it at the time though... You're right, I thought the SG had a longer scale lenght because the neck doesn't go as deep in the body like on a Les Paul. My mistake back then, i actually like SG's now....... (it's just that i had to get used to them) @Henry: I know what you mean, but this sound is what i call: ''muddy:'' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYg-pUfkjwM&feature=fvst
  8. I can't say I agree, what do you use it for? Grunge/Post Grunge, Punk, Hard Rock, Nu-Metal etc. Bands such as: Nirvana, Puddle Of Mudd, Seether, Live, Godsmack, System Of A Down etc.
  9. You can play Grunge with single coils but it sounds fuzzy and dirty. (if you know what i mean) It sounds fuller with a humbucker/hotrail in the bridge. I like a distorted Strat bridge single coil for a more classic punk rock kinda sound. Or for a more blues rock kinda tone. Just look at Jimi Hendrix's sound. His tone is not the brightest sound there is. (which is a good thing, so don't get me wrong on that!!!!!!!) Of course Hendrix used a number of Fuzz boxes + Marshall amps for his muddy sound so that explains a lot, but you can stil hear how dirty and muddy a Distorted single coil sounds when you listen to him in one of his videos. (with a Strat of course) Just search some guitars on the internet and see if someone springs out. (you still need to try it in real life of course)
  10. If you really like your Squier Strat why not? It gives you a hotter sound + you can still play Funk/Blues with it. Altough i myself prefer to use the neck or middle single coil for Funk. I can't say to much for a Classic Player HH Jag since i never played one. I do have a MIJ Jag with 2 standard Jaguar pickups and to me, they sound really thin for funk/blues etc. It's getting modified for 2 full humbuckers + coil tap at the moment. But the standard HH Jag pickups aren't that bad from what i've heard. They are pretty decent i believe........ BTW, the: ''Fender FMT Telecaster'' is also a really good guitar. But it plays a little bit different then a normal Tele since it has body contours and a different scale lenght i believe. But believe me the sound is amazing!!!!!!!! It has 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers. ('59 in the neck, and a Pearly Gates in the bridge) + both pickups can be coil tapped. (and it has binding around the body/neck) I had one, but i sold it. (because i brought it secondhand and got ripped. the neck was a bit out of straightness so i took it to my guitar tech and he said he couldn't do anything to keep it from buzzing. So somebody ####ed up and i was paying the price for it. (and it still didn't help) So always keep a eye out if the neck of the guitar is straight!!!!!!! Just try that Classic Player HH Jaguar out to see if you like it. Or even better try MORE guitars out. Even if you have to get a Fender try some other Brands aswell, (Gibson, G&L, Ibanez, Jackson, Michael Kelly, Aria, Schecter, PRS etc.) you might end up with a total different guitar then you orginally had in mind. Hack, i have a Jackson Professional with 2 standard Jackson single coil pickups and they sound really good. Even though the guitar is orginally meant for hard rock/metal.
  11. I would go eighter for a: ''Telecaster, (with hotrail/humbucker at the bridge) Jaguar (hotrail humbucker in the bridge) or a Mustang (with hotrail/humbucker in the bridge)
  12. I'm using the Boss Metal Zone MT-2 myself. Good pedal if i say so myself. I also have a DS-2 Turbo but it sucks big time imo.
  13. Omg........ it's the Jag-Strat!!!!!!!!! Seriously, does it even work putting a short scale neck on a Strat body?
  14. True, most guitars that i have are brought under the 500,- euro price tag. The only real expensive guitars that i like are Les Paul/SG Standards at the moment. I don't own a Standard, but i do own a Les Paul Studio which is a great guitar btw. That's the only guitar that i hate myself for when i bump it against something. I don't have that with my Fenders. I think i see them more as Punk guitars so i don't really care when i bump one against something. To be honest, i don't really like the sound of the XN2. I brought it because the info/reviews said that it would be good for drop tunings. It just lack character in my opinion. I love my Seymour Duncans more. Altough i still want to try out some other DiMarzio pickups to see if i like them. If not, Seymour Duncan FTW!!!!!!!!!!! But that's just me.
  15. Good luck with it, keep us updated........ I'm also gonna put 3 Seymour Duncan hotrails in another Strat soon. (i already have a mexican one tunend to drop C with a DiMarzio XN2 humbucker and a Metallic Purple USA Strat which i'm planning on selling instead of modding it. Because it just doesn't play that well like my Mexican for some reasson. I think it's because it still feels like a new one and i don't like new guitars.)
  16. You mean this: But i get your point, some people can't get used to the shorter scale.
  17. A Jag-stang is a bit heavier then a Mustang imo. But the body feels really comfortable when sitting down with it. The neck pickup is quiet good, can't say that for the (Santa Ana) humbucker. Altough some people swear they like the stock humbucker, so it's just a matter of opinion. The neck feels great and even a bit better then my CIJ Mustang, it's truly one of best necks ever made if i say so myself........ Good luck with it.
  18. So if i get this right: ''Mocojoe hates homo's?''
  19. I think they look kinda cool. But i think there quality isn't any good.
  20. The price is ridiculous......... I can buy about 3 Mustangs secondhand for that amount of money........ + The pickguard isn't even the right color.
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