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  1. Just giving the OP another option.
  2. If your stock bridge is like my 1969, you can make bushings for your original bridge posts (fills the post holes). This stops the bridge from moving back and forth and helps maintain intonation. No neck shimming required.
  3. Well, week I pulled the trigger on a "slightly" used bass and amp. Since I sold my Dean acoustic bass (which was tough to play) I was feeling the need for some thump. I spotted this on my local CL for $90... a 2012 Vintage Modified Jagaur Bass Special SS (Short Scale)... say that 3x fast. Not a blemish on it and with new strings too! This Jag is super easy to play. The P-bass (neck) pup rocks, nice and solid without any mud. The J-bass (bridge) is weaker and thin, but acceptable (for now). The short scale (30") is right up my alley. Over all the guitar is light, but not as light as you would think. The neck tends to want to sit level, not dive, but not stay above level. The electronics are clean and quiet, 1 vol for each pup and tone that covers both. No switches, so blending is the key. Keep in mind, I usually play thru my iPad (Amplitube or Jam Up), so I really wasn't looking for an amp. But he had a Fender Frontman 25B for $50. It sounded decent, so I offered $120 for both, and he took it. I haven't had a chance to really play with it yet. Its clean and only has one minor scuff in the skin. So... how did I do?
  4. First... when was the last time the strings were changed? Could be a bad B string and you are setting the rest to it. Next... $40 is WAY cheap!
  5. I just removed the trem bar. Mine doesn't move. Your mileage may vary.
  6. If it isn't an original '69... It just AIN'T!
  7. A friend sent me a threaded trem bar (probably from a cheap strat) that fits into the stock trem bar hole. It just drops in until it hits the set screw, then I screw it in using the set screw as my tension adjuster. No mods needed. Funny part is... I never use the trem bar.
  8. I don't know... that middle headstock looks very close to a lawsuit to me. Otherwise... no interest here.
  9. In Gbase: '72 Orange Comp $2895 '72 Red Comp $1895 '72 Blue Comp $2250 '74 Red Comp $1500 All in USD... for CDN x 1.068
  10. Gbase currently has 2 1976 Mustangs listed with selling prices. Black - Good condition - $750 USD For Sale Natural - Excellent condition - $1100 USD SOLD
  11. I've been using Dean Markley Blue Steels for ages.
  12. Unless he seriously modded it, yes, it can be rewired to the original spec.
  13. Lose the Anime looking tailpiece... and I like them. I may not buy one, but a nice variation.
  14. What the Mustang was originally sold as and what it has become over the years are two very different things. I love my Mustang and my Strat (all all the others too). Why? Beacause they are all different. BTW: The only opinion that should count to you, is your own.
  15. I was at a guitar setup clinic recently and hanging there in the shop was this hideous Gibson turd... We all just looked at it and shook our heads. The general consensus: What were they thinking!?!?!
  16. First... you got a new guitar! Congrats! Next... A reissue is NOT settling. Its a new version of the old (with most of the old problems fixed). So enjoy! Last... Where are the friggin' pics? Come on... get with the program!
  17. IMHO, if you want vintage, then get one. You won't be satisfied with anything less. If age is not important, then a reissue should suffice. Reissues will not hold their value like a vintage. But then, who is concerned with that? If built well and setup properly, it should play every bit like a vintage, but for a smaller price tag. Side note: Since my 69 Mustang Comp came back from the spa, she has easily become my primary electric... again. She stays in tune... period. I put 010 Elixir Nanos on her... mmmm tasty! Sounds great, plays great, looks great, is lighter than my Strat Plus and far lighter than my LP clones. As for pup hum, I never really noticed any. Neck thickness has never bothered me. I change from Mustang to LP to Ovation to 12 string without a problem. But thats just me.
  18. Don't be. I just learned about sticking the string down the whole when I got my Mustang back from the shop. I always did the standard string lock technique on it like every other guitar. It never slipped. I saw how the luthier did it and was like "Oh! So that's how it works."
  19. IMHO... It does matter. Go for a vintage Mustang Comp.
  20. Your welcome. Give Rondo a call, they are suppose to have excellent customer service. They might help cover the setup, or they might want to swap it out for another. And as for the "applause" Strat... thats not a Kaman (owns Ovation) made guitar.
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