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  1. My thought is there would be extra srew holes, since single coils only take 2 screws and the humbuckers take 4 screws. I wouldn't think that any of the single screw holes would line up for the humbuckers?? Any thoughts?
  2. When my friend got it had the humbuckers in it (He got the guitar from a friend of his). I talked to him last night .. he thinks he has a yearbook photo of the original owner in like 1983ish playing it. he is going to try and dig out the year book to see if the guitar had the humbuckers in it then (I'll post the picture if he can get it). Another thing I wonder about is the pick guard hasn't been modified. Just curious where you would get a custom pick guard like that in the early to mid 80's?
  3. Just a little background on the guitar. I picked it up from a buddy of mine from high school. I had ran into him recently and of course started talking music. I asked him if he still had that old Fender (The 71 mustang) from high school (at that time the guitar had the humbuckers in it). He said that he had taken it apart in to paint it back in 1987, never put it back together and it was setting in a box in his attic. Then he surprised me and said if I wanted to stop by his place I could just have it. So I'm sure ALL the parts are at least 20 + years old. Now what may have been done to it
  4. Here is a link to my babies! http://www.flickr.com/photos/13325664@N ... 456902976/
  5. Silver with black competion stripes... I can't wait!
  6. Here is a link with pictures. Thanks to everyone for your help. The body is being painted I'll put a picture up of that Wednesday. http://www.flickr.com/photos/13325664@N03/sets/72157608429570916/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/13325664@N ... 429570916/
  7. Yeah, they fit in the pickguard. The pickguard was made for these pickups. The body doesn't look like it was modified either.
  8. Thanks for the reply Pete! The pickups are Fender just like the ones that were put in tele's at the time.. The Fender reissues are called Fender 72 humbuckers. I'll try and get some pictures tonight.
  9. I recently picked up a 71 mustang as a project guitar, it is in pieces. Does anyone have any info on this model? It has two stock chrome fender humbuckers. I was wondering is there a difference in the neck and bridge pickups and how do you identify which is which.
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