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  1. AUG, I just want to congratulate you on these guitars, they are gorgeous...and as such I hope you don't take TOO much notice of everyones suggestions on here! (sorry guys! ha) Aesthetically they are stunning, with classic yet individual lines all over them...you should give Albert Lee a shout, I bet he'd love the style! How much would it cost to get one made? Paul
  2. I think they look gorgeous....would you consider selling them in kit form for people to build and finish as they choose?
  3. Also, how about Tom Verlaine from Television? Marquee Moon really is the muts! And I gotta Sean Lennon has got a peachy Jag here... Townsend was pretty handy too Thom Yorke And Will Sergeant from the Bunnymen definitely knows his way around a Jag!
  4. Hey, I don't think this is the place for these types of debate, although I agree that it is a valid one....but I'm sure no one wants this to end up looking like a youtube comment stream! Check me out, sounding like some kind of moderator, even though I've only been a member for a couple of months....I'll get off my moral high horse, but I'm sure you know what I mean. On another note, Elvis Costello isn't one of my fav players, but have you seen his sig jazzmaster? It's BADA$$ http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0115900892
  5. Yes sounds good...some of it's really uppy with the keys. Also some of it reminds me a little of sufjan stevens with the energy it has.
  6. Yowsers, cheers George, that's a couple of good comments I've had about it now! Just been learning the songs again as we've got our first gig with this name/line up on the 19th. I write and record the songs at home with my brother.....then never play them again! haha Hopefully we'll get a couple of full band rehearsals in before hand, but it may only be one. Rough and ready!! If you like us you may like the other bands we're playing with, The Keys and Elgoodo, both of them are in our top friends....very psych stuff. They've just finished their second albums which are both blinding. They're
  7. I agree with Bigsbys not being great. I stuck one on an old SG I have and while it looked great, I didn't find it a great playing experience. You have to put a lot more into getting it going....say if you were after kevin shields like waver then you'd really have to wangle it about some. But if it's just for the odd vibrato or dive every now and then they're fine great. But at the end of the day they look cool as ####! As long as you try out some bigsby guitars you can make up yer own mind innit.
  8. But the distorted channel on the twin really is something great. I've got a red knob one....it looks ####e but sounds unbelievable! That and my carl martin boost kick is all I need....oh and my line 6 green delay box, harmonix holy grail, big muff, SD1, vox wah, danelectro tape delay, CE5.....I think I've just shot myself in the foot yea?!!! Seriously, after getting the pedal w*nk diatribe out of the way, the overdrive on the twin is sweet. But not as good as my AC30, but that's just a one channel machine
  9. This may sound like a silly and pedantic question, but how come you want it so loud? Why I ask is that when I do a gig, nearly everytime the amp is mic'd up and I'm asked to turn it down, and if I'm rehearsing there's only so loud you can go before the PA starts feeding back and you gotta turn it down anyway. I've got a red knob twin and it is too much volume! I'm thinking of getting a deluxe to be honest....plus carrying a Twin around isn't much fun. Good luck with whatever you get though
  10. I'm sure somebody has already said it, I probably missed it, but how about Mudhoney! My favourites by a mile are J Mascis and Kevin Sheilds, though, both true sonic originators.
  11. I just love the way my jaguar plays, I've grown quite attached to it so I definitely won't be selling it! Plus it's nice to have a customised guitar that's got your stamp on it.
  12. That's great to hear! We obviously love the 60's stuff, but try to make it a little more up to date. But you can only write what you write. Do you have a band with a myspace?
  13. Nice one, I'm definitely liking that! I can see a wee project in the pipeline....now I just need to get some funds together. Anyone wanna buy a 1978 SG with Bigsby?! ha
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