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  1. Hi All, Has anyone (probably a stupid question!) got these in their Jaguar? I am looking to get one and would love to hear from any one who has them, what style of music you play and what you think of them.... also if you use any effects pedals.. how they sound with them. Also any other pick up mods to beef up the Jaguar that you have used.. could a pretty interesting discussion.... look forward to hearing from you all.....
  2. thanks heaps.. I look forward to seeing the diagram. Have you heard a jag that has been wired this way? If so, did you like the results? I am new to this site, so thanks for the quick responses too!! Cheers
  3. Hi all, I have read somewhere that a common set up on a jag is to use the mid cut switch to link the two single coils to essentially create a humbucker of sorts.... any info or comments related to this would be much appreciated as I love my CIJ Jag but I want to make it a bit more beefy.... cheers
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