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  1. Yeah... I lifted it from the thread with the pics of everyone's Jags. I really dig yours. That setup with some Duncan P-Rails, I think, would be pretty killer. Thanks for the info, Libtoem... I've already sent them an email.
  2. I'm Jonsing for a Jag or a Jazz. Plain and simple. Got to be honest, the new Jag Classic Player HH really caught my attention. I'm a tinkerer, so the humbucker routes seemed like it would make for a great platform to create something very cool. I've been impressed with the fit, finish and playability of the Classic Player series instruments. Electronics can always be upgraded/replaced. Knowing the pickups seem to be the weak link in this guitar, I'm thinking I'd like to drop a set of Duncan P-Rails in it to get the best of all worlds: Humbucking madness, P-90 Jazzy-like tones and single-coil
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