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  1. nope. there's a black lead connected to the lug, and when that's touching pretty much anything it works, albeit it noisily.
  2. has any one experimented with the purple/burgundy/emerald ones?
  3. has any used the chrome domes? they look really cool. which ya know, is really important.
  4. my brother got a jaguar special hh or whatever and one of the knobs is loose, because the nut is loose, so i was wondering if you can pull them off just like other guitar knobs? it didn't seem to want to come off, and i didn't want to force it. he got the guitar on ebay and it's messed up. the neck pickup is basically falling out, and it's got tons of scratches and the finish is like melted at some points? poor kid.
  5. HEY. i've been thinking about putting some lace pickups in my mexi duo and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for specifics?
  6. i like the rat better. i've played them both, and i have the rat. something about the mxr just seemed a little off to me. it's kind of just like mxr's slightly better version of the ds-1
  7. haha, not yet. i'm still undecided about the general sound of the pickups. only time will tell.
  8. i thought intonation might be a problem, but after putting a fresh set of strings on, everything seems okay. the g string gets picked up, intonation isn't too far off. i've heard complaints about the tuners, but i haven't really had any problems with them. the one thing i still might like to change is the pickups. they're awfully noisy, and they kind of hiss, which i've never heard from any of my other guitars.
  9. i was looking at the pickguards, and they definitely look different, but do you think i could somehow get the mustang control plate on there? aaand what kind of hardtail strat would i use? do you happen to know the string spacing for the duo-sonic? i've read that start bridges are 2.25, but warmoth offers a narrow spaced 2.125 strat bridge.
  10. hmm. what's the difference in the body shapes? i decided against replacing the neck, because it really has fine playability, but i do think i'll replace the bridge to something with six saddles. right now it has a three saddle vintage style tele bridge. any suggestions on a replacement? also, i think i'll have to replace the tuners, especially since the high e tuner was bent when i recieved it today, and now it won't tune down, only up. aaaand the pickups are barely getting any signal from the g string, despite the pole piece being really high. could it maybe have something to do with being
  11. can i replace the 22.7" neck on the duo-sonic reissue with a 24" neck? i've looked around online, but i haven't been able to find anything about it, although i saw one with a tele neck on it. i've been reading these forums for a while so i thought i would join and see if anyone can help me. thanks a lot! also, could i put a mustang pickguard and control plate on it?
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