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  1. This was basically my reaction as well, but I just figured what the heck and decided to play along Also, I love how none of us have mid controls on our amps. I dunno why, just find it kinda amusing.
  2. my amp doesn't have any eq other than a bright/mellow switch and a tone control and my fuzz pedal doesn't have any form of eq either so it's not something I mess around with all that much. that being said my experience in doing that is that it doesn't really work for my style, although I have got some gnarly metal tones before with scooped mids. Still not really my thing.
  3. from what I've heard on the internet I'm a fan of both the pearly gates and 59
  4. kinda gaudy if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat
  5. coming from red that is a very high compliment, take it to heart guys
  6. Your tone needs some work, like I understand that you're going for the whole Nirvana sound, but your tone is like pretty bad. The bassier notes sound really like floppy clean (almost like you're playing a noodle) and the bends seem to sound really off, my guess is that you have the action set way the frick too low. Secondly when you kick on the DS-2 it sounds kinda bad I'd recommend finding an amp with good distortion and just using that (line 6 and boss are both in my opinion crap for the most part). Furthermore, I'd say the "Nirvana sound" is actually more of an attitude than an actual sound cuz I run a fuzzface into an old magnatone and people LITERALLY ALWAYS tell me that my music reminds them of Nirvana. Also, think about this, would we have remembered Kurt at all if he was trying to sound like someone else? My guess is probably not, we remember him because of how he expressed himself through music. What I'm getting at is it is my opinion that you should use music to express yourself and you're kinda failing at that if you are trying to emulate the "Nirvana sound"
  7. I vote for the second one it's cheaper, classier, more unique in today's scene, and has the trem there if you decide that you would like to use it
  8. I saw those already in a guitarplayer ad I dun remember who made them though. If I run across the ad again I'll post a link. edit: nvm I assumed your links were to guitars cuz I thought they were in response to the comment about the ibanez
  9. I've heard they're good, but not really all that similar to real airlines in most ways aside from aesthetically. So it's not really authentic, but I still wouldn't mind having one
  10. my one issue with them is that they seem to sound bright as frick in the bridge position judging by those demos, other than that they appear to be a good value
  11. I don't remember for certain which one it's supposed to be, but I think it's a regular spaced bucker. Either way though it really doesn't make a difference soundwise if the poles are slightly misaligned.
  12. ya I heard one sound demo of a stock one and it sounded pretty good stock as well
  13. did you hear that guitarfetish sells telemaster copies for pretty cheap?
  14. I think that you should prolly refrain from making an opinion until you play one as you have no idea how they play or how they sound or anything, all you know at this point (that you've let on) is that you don't like Squiers. This is only my opinion, and in actuality I am a hypocrite for giving it, because I usually dismiss Epiphones simply because they're Epiphones. Really, where I am prolly coming from is that I've played some very nice Squiers in my day and I hate seeing such [what appears to me to be] an awesome new addition to their line dismissed before it's even been tried. PS I just saw a NAMM video and it has been revealed that they have concentric volume/tone controls for each pickup, which I'm pretty stoked on because that'd be the one mod I would make to the master volume and master tone layout that I previously thought they had. So let's recap all the things these have going for them in my opinion: -offset body and schnazzy finishes (teh sexies!!!!!) -hardtail bridge -jazzmaster pickups (I've become quite a fan as of late) -individual controls for each pickup and conveniently placed selector switch (Ideal for cleaning up the amp by lowering the volume, albeit this is slightly impractical for me since I have a 4w non-master volume tube amp with no option to increase the gain without cranking it and live in a college dorm room and as such I seldom get any gain out of anything other than my fuzzface. Still I really love this layout, in fact it's one of the few things I like about Les Pauls) -cheap as frick for a new guitar Depending on what gear I have to sell/trade in when these become available at my local guitar center and how I feel about the neck and stuff on them. The problem is I already have 3 guitars in my dorm and have literally no room for any more so the only way I immediately see to justify buying it would be to sell my Jag-Stang to buy one since it would clear one guitar out of my dorm and get me more than enough money to afford it. While this isn't something I wanna do right now, but I do have a love/hate relationship with my JS and have at times contemplated getting rid of it and having some extra cash would be quite nice. Also, I'm gassing for either a Tele Deluxe Reissue or a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin. The Kingpin is really the only one of these that I can really completely justify since I really like it as both an acoustic and an electric and haven't been content with my acoustic in a long time. However, if I got the Tele or the 5th Avenue I would have no extra cash at all. Anyways, we shall see how it all works out for now I'm just sorta thinking aloud.
  15. that seems to me to be a weird thng to stand out as the only decent part of the guitars.......
  16. I was at Guitar Center yesterday and they didn't have any
  17. try using a power adapter instead of a battery, worked for my boss metalcore that I used to have could very well be a completely different issue
  18. very much agreed on both aspects of this post
  19. prolly my strat or my tele, both are just perfect.
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