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  1. Thanks for the input. Here's my issue... As "cool" and rare as the SS is, it really doesn't work for me. The neck is really nice and comfortable but after gigging with it for awhile I see that it's too small for my big hands. The smaller body feels cramped to me somehow, like there's not enough room to strum so I keep hitting the pup selector or the volume knobs. Also I already have my franken-sonic that is 24-scale and so I don't really need another short scale guitar. Lastly the pickups would need to be replaced if I was going to keep it as a serious gigging guitar and I don't want to spend the money to mod it when it has the other issues. So...I'm going to go meet up with the guy and see if I like his Toronado, if I do then it'll be a trade if not I'll keep the SS but it'll go back up for sale/trade. Sad cause it is a super cool guitar and I love the idea of it but in reality I just can't deem keeping it. @Rox I'd be open to a trade but don't have any cash right now to pay for shipping sorry
  2. Need some quick help. I have someone offering me a Fender Toronado GT MIK for my Squier Vista Super Sonic... What do you guys think I should do? Thoughts??? HELP!??!!?
  3. http://jhspedals.com/JHS_Pedals/Boss_DS1_Synth_Drive_Mod.html So JHS is a great "boutique" pedal company. I've been working with them for awhile and they are currently making me a very custom TS type overdrive pedal. However they also mod pedals ala Keeley/AnalogMan. This pedals is the DS-1 modded to high heaven!!! It's not really my style but I know there are many a noise lover on this forum so I thought I'd share this cause its outstanding for that. I know many of you may have a DS-1 sitting around and for $95 JHS could make it usable for you. At least listen to the "into" sound clip
  4. They really are great guitars. I have one...a blue sparkle. Sold it but the sale fell thru and ended up keeping it and I am VERY HAPPY I did!!! The pickups in mine are actually pretty great, remind me of the SD JB/Jazz set I used to have in a SG. The neck under the pick guard goes slightly under the neck pickup and I wonder if that is part of why it's got the great sound on the neck pup. I've considered selling it a few other times and gotten some really good offers but I don't know I just love the little thing...I may still sell it eventually tho but for now I'm enjoying it too much! The necks really are outstanding! To be honest it's one of the best necks I've ever played. Really little, which isn't normally my style, but super comfortable. The fit and finish is great too. If you can find one get one. Oh and the sparkle finishes are great! I thought it'd drive me nuts but I actually really like it.
  5. Blackstar is a great amp. The single 10 inch speaker didn't do it for me though. Still a great amp and if you aren't gigging with it then it's fine. Blues Jr is amazing for the $$$ used. But...I have to throw out the Peavey here again, I know I know "Peavey's suck!" but I've owned several and I have to admit that they are great work horses and CHEAP! Cheap enough that you don't have to freak out about them all the time or worry about them at gigs. I use a Delta Blues as my main gigging amp and LOVE it. Probably one of my fav amps once I put in JJ tubes from eruotubes.com For what you're talking about I'd say a Classic 30 is better suited for you though. It's got a single 12" speaker and has a huge range of tone. The main dif between the two is of course the speaker (DB is either a 210 or 115 C30 is 112 only) but also the Delta Blues has footswitchable trem so if you like that you could try to find one. Either of these can be gotten off CL for well under $400 or even $300 if you're willing to take some time and search.
  6. told the guy no...and he paid cash for the delay instead! I love craigslist
  7. So does the neck handle 11s ok structurally??? Bowing?
  8. Nathanstang75: What sized strings do you use/have you tried on your supersonic? I use 13s on my other short scale guitars but I'm worried about the neck holding up.
  9. If u r looking for actual single coil I'd say SD 1/4 lbs strat or Jaguar pup would b good. If u. just want a single coil SIZE then a SD hotrails. Or for cheaper u can try the gfs version, but a used hotrails can b had for a good price.
  10. Does it just have 2 volume controls??? I didn't know that. I actually had the design wrong in my mind. I thought the controls were on the upper bout... Yeah the 2 volumes are actually really nice! It makes it a lot like a Gibson where you can easily have the two pups running at different volume levels and just. It helps in live playing with dynamics. And I'm not just saying it's so great cause I'm trying to sell one
  11. Hey I've got a guy who wants to trade me one of these two for my Rocktron Short Timer Delay...what is your opinion of these two pedals? I like my short timer cause it oscillates really easily and well for fun noise crap and does a good job as a delay but as much as I try I just can't seem to get myself to use it as much as I should. So I stuck it up on CL and this was the first trade that came my way...so...enough rambling...what do you guys think? Thanks!
  12. So I'm not sure if you are asking about distortion pedals in general or for nirvana pedals? I'm not going to talk about nirvana cause there Is enough crap about that here. My fav for high gain stuff is an M I Audio Crunch Box! It's seriously like having an extra amp on your board & that extra amp will add super thick gain but still sound like an amp. Don't get me wrong its pretty much a 1 trick pony but oh how well it does that trick!!! Next would be an OCD but its just short on gain for me, which doesn't mean I don't have one. I just think that it does a better job on its lower gain settings.
  13. Let me start by saying I've never played fralin pups but I can tell you the best sounding strat I've EVER played had his pickups. I'm not 100% sure but I think they were tx specials. Don't know if this helps but that's my opinion. Oh & it maybe helpful to say that I am NOT a fan of lace pickups. They sound...fake to my ear unless played thru a very VERY nice tube amp & at that point most pups can sound good
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