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  1. I've got a Fender Jaguar I'm looking into modding. I'm planning to put two humbucking pickups into it, but have them coil tapped with out of phase. I would go for the Push Pull knobs, but I'm happy with the standard pots the Jaguar comes with and not planning to do that. I rather like the idea of two three way switches wired up for coil-tap/out of phase like the Pawnshop mustang. I have all the parts I need to get working on it. Just need help in terms of Electronics/schematics since I'm not sure where to wire what to where etc. I've had a look around on the internet for schematics, but I'm st
  2. I know both those facts lol, I'm just wondering if a early 00's Fender Mustang Reissue is something rare or even a collectors item since this type of guitar was sold to the western market and is different to what you can get in Japan at the moment.
  3. About a month ago I got my hands on a few knocks here and there Competition Stripe Mustang in Old Lake Placid Blue. I've read on some sites that Fender only had the Compo Stripes from 2002-2003 in the west or something like that. I've seen pictures of past auctions and shops selling the same guitar but I've seen some dated at 1999 and even 2004. First thing I would like to know is that how long this model of Mustang was in production for and have I managed to get myself a great find or even a collectors item?
  4. Here's the serial number of mine...sorry about taking so long to put up...I have a feeling thats its 2010 onwards due to the boldness of MADE IN JAPAN...took the liberty of putting them side to side to compare...mine being the one on the right...feel free the steal...just in case you need it in the future ^^ Here's the link of the two numbers
  5. So wait....your telling me that a Japanese fender with a serial number with 0 after the letter on the serial number is 2000-present or in my case 2010...do you have any examples of serial numbers from the 90's so I can compare ?
  6. Two questions....sorry about being greedy I was looking 'round the internet at the New Kurt Cobain Mustang Signature and found one on this site with MADE IN JAPAN with a U-6 digit on the back heel...I have a pretty good knowledge of mustangs to know that the Kurt Cobain Signature would be a Crafted in Japan not a MIJ....I compared it to my Mustang which is MIJ with a U-6 digit serial number 65 Reissue in Daphne Blue and the Dot inlays on the top of the neck (what you see when you play to know what fret you on) are white or cream and are place half on the rosewood and half on the maple, basica
  7. I have a similar story where I bought a 65R Japanese Mustang from a shop basically brand new (still with the plastic on the pickgaurd and pickups) with the seiral number on the back of the neck saying its from 1995-96....I know sometimes with guitars they could be at a depo for so many years and shops get these guitars in from these depo's....they basiclly are new guitars, just they been locked up for years.....I had the same sort of things with a Gibson SG I got...brand new in a shop only to be 5 years old and A Epiphone DR12 I bought from an online store, brand new only to be 10-11 years old
  8. Thanks Everyone for posting replies.....and sorry ive been busy
  9. i had the same prob with a westfeild Les Paul copy......the rythm pickup was not working and i took it to my local music shop and it turns out the soldering was loose....but i have no probs since
  10. I would have claimed it was a typo i was, thanks at lease you not too uptight about it
  11. ok ok i will no say coo again......there i sayed it i hope youre all happy!!!
  12. Coo......Seems then there's no probs with the stang.....thanks ^^
  13. Ummmmm i been planning to get a 65 Fender Mustang in Dakota Red, i was planning to get the Olympic White one......but the Red suits me more......i havn't played a mustang......but what are they like to play....how comfy there are......and any upgrades i should do to make it perfect or anything???
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