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  1. I see your point. But I have never been a fan of the SS with it's flipped over Jagmaster vibe. Now gimmie a Vista Jagmaster at that price and I'll buy it.
  2. I saw one in Guitar Center a few weeks back. Looked pretty good, except for how light colored the neck was. I didn't get a chance to play it though. I did ask the nearest sales person (who happened to be dressed like he was in Metallica circa 1986) about the scale length. I said "Hey, a Duo Sonic reissue huh? 24" scale length, right?" He goes "Nope. 25 1/2" just like a Strat." I say "You sure?" He says "Yup". That's Guitar Center for ya.
  3. I have heard that, about the weight. The '72 Mustang body I'm gonna use is pretty light, a wee bit lighter than my 1965 Mustang body. I'm kind of excited to hear how the guitar will sound (and feel) with that slightly longer scale. I do have a Toronado (which is fairly weighty itself) with that 24 3/4'" scale. So I will compare the difference - humbuckers Vs single coil at that scale.
  4. I don't know. I got the neck off of Ebay. It's pristine, as if it's never been played and it's a '98. The seller had no other Cyclone parts listed... which seemed strange.
  5. Go buy it. I would... just for the body... and the control plate... and the pickguard. I love project guitars.
  6. You could be right about that, I had the same thought. I will know in a few weeks if this works out when I take it to my luthier and have him align the neck and set up the guitar. I'll have to do the electronics and buy a few hardware parts first. Just trying to decide which pickups to put it... these Fender '62 Strat reissue pickups I already have or go buy a couple of Lollar Special S Series for a beefier sound... OR go really beefy (P90 type beefy) with Fralin Steel Pole 43s. I will report back when and if the neck works out.
  7. About the neck and body screw holes lining up, they seem to. When I said "attached the neck" I should have clarified - the neck pocket fit is very tight so I just pressed it in with butt end of neck touching the heel of the pocket then measured. As far as actually screwing it in and stringing it up, I'm inclined to let my luthier do that so he can make adjustments that I couldn't even begin to get correct. And, I also i can't understand why the measurements would come out right but they did... I checked again. Warmoth sells 24 3/4" Scale, 22 fret Conversion necks, maybe this works out in a similar fashion? OR maybe I'm screwing up the intonation theory somehow.
  8. I recently acquired a 1998 Fender Cyclone neck in perfect condition. The Cyclone neck is, or course, 24 3/4" length. I first had the idea to get a Warmoth Mustang body without the bridge route and have my luthier put in a Toronado bridge (have never been a big fan of tremolos) and place it so intonates correctly. But on a whim I got out a '72 Mustang body I have had laying around and attached the Cyclone neck and did some measuring. From the nut to the center of the bridge saddles it measures 24 3/4" on the nose. I then measured from the nut to the 12th fret and got 12 3/8". Then measured from the 12th fret to the center of the bridge saddles and got 12 3/8". The theory is that to have a guitar that innonates correctly the distance from the nut to the 12th fret and the distance from the 12 fret to the center of the bridge saddles should be the same. My question is there any reason why this neck won't innonate correctly on the '72 body? I ask because I think I have read here (and on another nameless short-scale forum) that this body & neck combo will not work with out major work. I'm far from an expert but I can't see why it wouldn't after measuring. Oh, and btw, the bridge I will be using is a Mastery bridge. Thanks.
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