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  1. it sounds like a grounding problem to me. check this thread. http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/topic/6752-squier-jaguar-static-noise/
  2. Very solid guitars for the price, better than low end squiers imo, I really like them. New pickups, electronics other than that you should be good to go, maybe some new tuners depending on the condition of the peavey Oh and i am sure it will need a setup.
  3. I would love to hear this A/B with the Fender showman
  4. How does the randall sound? I've never played one I would like your opinion compared to a marshall. Such a sweet jag btw.
  5. It's says stratocaster on the headstock haha.
  6. Oh man that's full on, how are you doing now?
  7. It looks So good, I love it!
  8. Why have you down graded, other than maybe the noise factor.
  9. Good deal man! Are you going to slam some new pups in?
  10. Yes, http://curtisnovak.com/pickups/Offsets.shtml http://www.fralinpickups.com/jazzmaster.asp
  11. I like it more than the DS-1 but I've never played one myself but it's an overdrive not a distortion so you will never get kurts sound out this pedal alone, maybe if you blend it with the amps overdrive as well.
  12. Before you do anything with the bridge, what type of strings do you use? chuck on some 11. gauge strings get A professional setup as it never hurts, and you should be fine (you never know with jags though haha).
  13. what is your budget? I don't like boss personally but if you have your heart set on the kurt thing look for a keeley modded DS1, if you want a better pedal I recommend. Fulltone OCD 80's proco rats Catalinbread: Dirty Little Secret Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion MI audio crunch box Anything made by Zvex Marshall Shredmaster.
  14. No problem, some people like them as they do have a charm about them. I am sure you could find one on ebay or gumtree for cheap you might like them they do that low fi garage rock thing kind of well. it's depends on what your into, it's all subjective after all (for the most part).
  15. The pickups are the only redeeming factor of these guitars, otherwise it's a cheap toy not a really a tool for crafting music. i had one like this it was so freaking rubbish.
  16. This Project is so rad! I can't wait for a demo, what pups are you going to put in?
  17. Well, i would just get another duncan but this is all subjective maybe it's the pickup for you. read up on some reviews check out some youtube videos (despite the woeful sound quality and compression of those videos) then decide if it's worth it. it's really up to you. sorry i can't be of more help but that's the way of these things.
  18. Well if it's cheap buy it, you can always chuck it back up on craigslist if you don't like it.
  19. I don't have too much experience with this pickup but from the limited research I've done it sounds like it does the 80's classic rock/hair metal thing very well (if you like that sterile tone) lot's of harmonic response with a high output, good for high gain stuff but to my ear not what appeals to me for a clean sound as it sounds far too compressed. what amps do you have, any more details on what you play? etc etc.
  20. Yep, that is a killer amp! It sounds great, i would love to hear it with a TS808.
  21. It's my problem with active pickups as well, no tone from the wood of the guitar. good bye soul hello generic sound.
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