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  1. Just stumbled upon this thread and realised i actually bought my 69RI lefthanded mustang from this seller about a year ago. It cost about $1350AUS including postage from Japan. It was my only choice as there were no LH mustangs for sale in australia. The price is just for the australian market. I also upgraded th pups to fralins so its a pricey little re-issue


    I got the same guitar for $750AUS, sucks to be left handed :angry:

  2. no i understand that. was it meant to be that close? I can't see how you could use it,

    you really can't get the right effect because it hits the strings the minute i touch it, it's like it bottoms out. I like that i can hold it while i strum but this can't be correct. I mean i'm not sure, it just feels funny and i guess you are familiar with this bridge? It has a lock on it and it doesn't matter if it's in lock or unlock it does the same because it barely moves and then hits the string.

    Would more pictures be helpful?

    Maybe thats how it is, in which case i'm gonna bend the f#ck out of it so i can use it effectively.

    I had the same problem with my stang, bend the arm it works like a charm. btw i don't agree with what paltic said. but yes you should listen to MBV on of the best bands ever.

  3. that may be it, thanks. The reason is i was using the drop tune pedal and the lower i went with the drop (2 and then 3 steps) it became very bassy and artificial sounding. I do understand that the point of dropping it is to become bassy but the lower notes sounded very synthetic.

    It has always been trebley sounding, it may be because i'm always 2 feet from it.

    So don't use the pedal...? id also turn the presence down a bit as well. btw, what type of music do you play, grunge?

  4. or set up tips?

    I know you are looking to do it yourself, but just take it into a shop (imo) they always do a great job. It looks cool but i really can't stand that headstock, it's a deal breaker for me. how are the necks on them? it might be cool to buy one then chuck a strat neck on it (if that's possible).

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