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  1. All very good advice, I started off with multi effects and cheap solid state amps. then i got a few more cheap pedals to try and get the sound i was looking for I ended up having to buy everything again because i was never happy with the sound. just save up for a nice fender or even pick up a little marshall combo (tube only! none of the MG crap) I've wasted a hell of a lot of time and money on doing this only now 6-7 years down the track am i happy with my tone. you can play a cheap guitar through a nice amp and it will sound great play a good guitar through a cheap amp and it will always sou
  2. How does it compare to more expensive pedals? is it voiced like a tube screamer with that midrange boost? I have a boss SD-1 and it's not a bad pedal for the price but i am always a little bit skeptical about boss Dirts and Od's. I can never work out why people like the DS-1 so much.
  3. WOW! please never trade/sell this one, that may be the nicest Jag I've ever seen. what is it?
  4. you just can't stop can you HNB, Have you heard Bare knuckles pickups? You should give them a go if your looking for some pups, i promise you, you will not be disappointed!
  5. you don't like the carved top DC's? it's a very cool idea, if anyone can pull it off it's you HNB <3 !
  6. The HH is a very solid guitar but like mike said the pickups leave a lot to be desired imo, you would end up having to spend another 200 on pickups anyway. besides it's not really a jag unless it has the trem imo.
  7. Well the Rode is a condenser mic, I've never heard one but it would be more sensitive but you need phantom power to use it (although I am sure is is not a problem) according to this review you can't go too wrong with it http://www.soundonso...cles/rodem3.htm I've been using Sm58's and 57's for years they are very solid mics, I would recommend the 58 more than the 57 if ever you want to do vocals (due to the pop filter) let's just say it's industry standard for a reason. My two cents are that i think it would be worth trying out the Rodes, hell im even a little bit tempted. Hope I helped!
  8. I think that the cost of doing that you would be better off just selling it and buying a jazzy. yep you can install filtertrons but you would be better off getting remakes of the TV jones filtertrons like curtis novaks http://curtisnovak.com/pickups/tron-f.shtml
  9. Other than the fact that the thread is broken, i don't recommend the mustang bridge it's rather poor in it's design but by all means give it a shot. over all it's a lot worse than the jazzy bridge but hell im still bitter about the mustang i owned. I would just get a TOM.
  10. Dude, you have some Killer Gear!! I really like Ernie balls strings, maybe check them out. I understand that you would want to keep the jazzy original but you might be better off just getting a new bridge. It's worth it, i had a 67 jag for a while but the bridge was so rusted that it was kind of crap but what a neck and tone. my god!
  11. It all depends on what you like really, i like a high string tension because i use drop tunings and like to "fight" my guitar. Start off with .10 to .46 or .11 .50. as for flat V round most people on here play rock music so it's roundwound all the way. flatwound is more of a jazz thing imo. Make sure you check the intonation up on the 12th fret. Check out this guide, a well setup guitar can make all the difference. http://www.alphabetcityblog.com/2008/02/fender-jazzmaster-setup-and-maintenance.html Good Luck Jerry, I hope you enjoy playing! PS i would love to see some gear porn.
  12. it looks like it could be original. does the serial numbers match?
  13. Well it's really hard to tell from the small picture but the tremolo plate is stamped fender and the hardware is some sort of tune-o matic (or whatever the hell the fender ones called) so the hard ware at the very least is real fender. maybe the person who last owned it changed the PG. how does it sound? maybe you could go into a store and see how your guitar compares. also i think the pick guard is a lot more dull than the squier. it's hard to tell but i think it's real,do you have any more high res pics?
  14. Thinline Jaguar http://www.fender.co...pecial-edition/ Carved maple top maple "jazzmaster" http://www.fender.co...-jazzmaster-hh/ Super-Sonic Reissue!! http://www.fender.co...op-super-sonic/ Jaguarillo http://www.fender.co...hop-jaguarillo/ Jaguar 90 http://www.fender.co...ktop-jaguar-90/ Marauder http://www.fender.com/en-AU/guitars/electric_guitars/modern-player-marauder/ Maybe some of these are not as new as i thought but I've never seen any, also it's badass that they reissued the Super Sonic.
  15. Yep, that's hella badass. it's the only JS i've seen that i like the look of, nice work!
  16. Yep, all you need is a soldering iron and some new pups. I recommend Curtis novak http://curtisnovak.c...s/Offsets.shtml http://www.guitartricks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11540
  17. That's not a fender, it might have a fender neck but the head stock decal looks miss placed so i dont think it is. i have no idea what that is but it's not a fender.
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