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  1. I would say a nice curtis novac jaguar pickup in the neck then a seymour duncan mini humbucker in the bridge. it's good to have a hotter pickup in the bridge so it's a bit more versatile.
  2. Fulltone OCD (Version 3 if you can find one) Catalinbread DSL MI Audio Blue boy deluxe (this is what i use, a very very versatile pedal). Tube screamer
  3. Got a demo? i would like to hear it as im a big fan of these peaveys.
  4. So it's like a phase 90? what does the switch do? also, your carpet looks like worms haha.
  5. It is very strange, does the hardware look aged other than the trem bar?
  6. Ah yes, sorry. please do it's a really unfortunate position to be in.
  7. Wide range Yay!! I love how they sound, good choice they are awesome guitars!!
  8. Wow man, I really Feel for you i will keep an eye open for sure! The best of luck to you mate this must be a very hard time for you.
  9. I played one in a shop (just unplugged) but it felt really good for the price, I have my doubts on the pickups just because squire always cheap out with them (as far as i've noticed) not that it's a serious problem. My other concern would be the trem, i mean how many cij jazzmaster/jag have you played that have intonation issues, string pops and tuning problem due to the trem and they have a far higher build quality than any squire. Just make sure you try before you buy and make sure everything is up to scratch abuse the trem instore.
  10. I Love it! All class, how does it play?
  11. Keep the SG it's a better guitar haha, go and play it, maybe offer him some other music gear to sweeten the deal? If it plays well and sounds good and without scratchy pots etc go for it!
  12. If your after tone, these are some of the best amps you can get for the studio, practice or even gigs. http://www.egnateramps.com/EgnaterProducts/Tweaker/TweakerHead/TweakerHead.html http://www.orangeamps.com/tiny-terror-series/ http://www.voxamps.com/nighttrain/nighttrain50/
  13. I've never heard one but everything I've found on the net about it says that it's rather bad but if you need a cheap pedal to do the Rat/DS-1 thing on a budget, it's worth a shot right? i would just save up some money and get a better pedal but that's just me.
  14. That looks like a fantastic find, how much was it if you don't mind me asking? Keep it the way it is imo. it has more charm.
  15. Keep us posted, i would love to hear it A/B'ed with a vintage Marshall Shredmaster.
  16. I live in melbourne so i know your pain, Do you have any pictures? have you checked the heel of the neck where is screws into the body?
  17. Drop A tuning, Fuzz pedals, delay, reverb into a few amps. Drone on you crazy diamond.
  18. I think this is the first JS that I've liked the look of, Nice work!
  19. 50/50. Nice stang though, I've never played the '65RI I want a review tomorrow!
  20. I had a little Kustom dxp? for a while they are killer amps for the price i really dig them! what I love about tube amps is the louder they are the better they sound, nothing beats a 100watt monster cranked to 11.
  21. I've had about 5 boss pedal, apart from the DD7 and PS-5 they have all been very lame. anyways, Muffs are good for recording with if you have time to EQ in post production my problem with them is they sound muddy live. I've never played a fuzz gun so i just don't know, find a store that stocks them and just go have a play. as much as i can give you advice it's really about what You like.
  22. A sunn is like no other amp though, you really can't compare them to anything else on the market (or off the market). I agree with the MG comment, they are dogs balls.
  23. But for just a little bit more cash you can get some really killer pedals, i went through through the whole cheap pedal thing for ages. I ended up just having to replace my entire pedal board a few times over because I was never happy with the tones. spend a bit of cash then you will never have to worry about it. behringer have very poor build quality I don't recommend them, they are not true bypass and break after about a month.
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