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  1. I played one in a shop (just unplugged) but it felt really good for the price, I have my doubts on the pickups just because squire always cheap out with them (as far as i've noticed) not that it's a serious problem. My other concern would be the trem, i mean how many cij jazzmaster/jag have you played that have intonation issues, string pops and tuning problem due to the trem and they have a far higher build quality than any squire. Just make sure you try before you buy and make sure everything is up to scratch abuse the trem instore.

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  2. My solid states, mainly my kustom half stack, is loud enough to play over drums and be heard in the mix so thats good, me personally though i do like my SS amps.

    I had a little Kustom dxp? for a while they are killer amps for the price i really dig them!

    what I love about tube amps is the louder they are the better they sound, nothing beats a 100watt monster cranked to 11.

  3. Thanks for the feedback,

    Honestly, i have 2 Boss pedals and I don't particularly dig either of them. The DS-1 I can put up with but, the FZ-5 (as stated above) is a pile of crap with a decent fuzz face setting. I'm kinda skeptical to try out the DS-2 due to my recent let-downs by Boss pedals. I would get a big muff pi but i've heard it's not that loud so i'd probably just use it when recording, i'm leaning towards the Fuzz Gun live. There's also a new Zvex fuzz pedal with a therimin-like controller, any thoughts?

    I've had about 5 boss pedal, apart from the DD7 and PS-5 they have all been very lame. anyways, Muffs are good for recording with if you have time to EQ in post production my problem with them is they sound muddy live. I've never played a fuzz gun so i just don't know, find a store that stocks them and just go have a play. as much as i can give you advice it's really about what You like.

  4. I beg to differ on the volume part for solid states. My beta lead is unbelievably loud... I have some really loud tube amps as well. 100 WATT 1976 Ampeg V4 head and cab, 1971 Sunn 1200s 150 watts with 90s Sunn cab and 1975 Traynor YBA-1 45 watt head. I'm not sure the wattage on my Beta Lead... but I can't even turn it past 2 even jamming with a full band... it is devastating. I believe that solid state amps used to be made very well, in the 70s etc. nowadays, they're horrible.

    A sunn is like no other amp though, you really can't compare them to anything else on the market (or off the market).

    I agree with the MG comment, they are dogs balls.

  5. the BYOC muff is good, apparently. im into the sounds you describe (im a massive pumpkins fan also), and i use a zoom ultrafuzz. theyre rare as rocking-horse sh!t, but sound so dense and thick. very versatile, can do the heavily compressed, boomy, muffy stuff, or can be more of a heavy distortion, or it can be used for lighter tones too. and does all the craziness of those boutique fuzzes that people pay silly money for. got a built in noise gate too, which can be used for corrective and creative purposes.

    on a cheaper note the behringer superfuzz can do pumpkins sounds. or at least billy corgan thinks so anyway - he posted a pic of one on their faceb**k page a while ago with the caption "new weapon of choice", or something to that effect.

    you tried a boss ds2? under the right amp conditions, it can get quite siamese dream-like.

    But for just a little bit more cash you can get some really killer pedals, i went through through the whole cheap pedal thing for ages. I ended up just having to replace my entire pedal board a few times over because I was never happy with the tones. spend a bit of cash then you will never have to worry about it. behringer have very poor build quality I don't recommend them, they are not true bypass and break after about a month.

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