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  1. Well it all depends on what you want out of a fuzz, the muff is a very different pedal to the zvex and the DBA stuff. I think you can find a big muff clone that's just plain better than the EHX one. I have a Black arts tone works Pharaoh it's going for a big more of a stoner rock sound than that classic pumpkins sound But check out the BAT LSTR. Huge low end.

    I find the fuzz war a bit to "nasty" for my tastes. if you want a pedal that you are going to use every day go for the muff (or variation of the muff) if you want a more unique sound go for the zvex.
  2. First of all I picked up a Black Arts tone works Fuzz the other week. Pharaoh-Gold-Germanium-2T.jpg?1314803030

    My bass player just got his Sunn 300T back from the shop (#### thing always breaks down, but it sounds amazing). I've been running it stereo with my orange (rockerverb 100/Framus cab) My god it's the most amazing combination I've ever heard. when you run a 4x12, 4x10 and a 1x15 you have the whole spectrum covered. It. Is. Insane. I wish I had a camera so I could put up some tasty gear pron.

  3. Hey,

    Cheers for the tip!

    I live in the UK. I'm keeping an eye on ebay, i'll try craigslist too.

    Electric Wizard... Thats a name ive not heard in a while! Ive recorded in the same studio as them. The producer was a massive fan. He played us a demo of theirs thru the mixing desk to give us an idea of what his studio sounded like!

    That's so cool man, what albums did they record there?

  4. If you go with the high output pups it is a really good idea to get 500K pot's and hell new wiring couldn't hurt. I only have experience with the JB jr. it's not the pickup for me it's a little bit bland look into a SD Little '59 it's a bit nicer than the Jr. I would look for a nice vintage style hot single coil but that's just my opinion, maybe a jag pup? A duncan in the bridge sounds like a great idea.

    Don't refinish it, just get a new PG/ white tort looks tacky imo.

  5. I have only ever used the AC30cc1, It was... ok i ran it in stereo with a blackstar HT20. I always found that it had projection issues I am sure that this would be less of a problem with the AC50 but it's still something to think about (nothing beats a 4x12). as for tone I found it was far too bright with not enough bass response. I love orange amps I find they take pedals just as well as the vox but with more versatility. they are both great amps but i would take the orange every time, if i wanted a bright loud clean amp i would get a fender Vibroluxe or a twin reverb over a vox. What kind of music do you play? do you need a solid distortion tone (orange) or do you need a great clean sound (vox).

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  6. I just scored a late 70's Sunn Beta Lead 2x12 combo amp. The thing is MINT... it is literally the guitar tone of King Buzzo. I'm thinking of getting a local amp builder to separate the head from the combo and using the vintage Sunn speakers in a custom 2x12 cab. I will be posting pictures asap.

    Hahah Im so jelly, i fvcking love the king i made a pedal called the buzzodrive a few years ago. Im hella broke with xmas and all so i have not had the chance to buy anything new in ages.

  7. I am going to put some new pickups in my Jaguar as well as my Mustang. The jaguar is a CIJ HH special, and the Mustang is a reissue from 95-96 (I think): 1. Does anyone know what king of p'ups are in the Mustang (they're the stock single coils) and 2. are these going to be close to what would be stock in a standard Jaguar? I am thinking of removing the neck p'up in my mustang and putting it in the bridge of my jaguar but would only do this if the mustang single coils are comparable to the stock Jaguar's...

    It depends on what music you play, if you want a really nice grunge sound or a very "clean" (due too it's low output) sound then it should work fine. will it sound like a jaguar? not really but live 9 out of 10 people don't notice. it will sound alot more like a jaguar than the humbuckers that's for sure. a mate of mine had the HH and he put a gibson burstbucker in the bridge and a Seymour duncan jag pup in the neck and it sounds sweet as. maybe just get some nicer custom made mustang pups and duncans for the jag. get new pups for the HH asap the sound crap imo.

  8. the jb junior seems nice. what kind of tones can you get out of it? i was also thinking that further on i migt want to put th epickup from my squier strat into a fender strat. would it be ok to put it in the middle position?

    The sound really Bright, maybe that's just my guitar but err. they have too much output to get a nice clean sound, but they do aggressive styles of music very well but they are not the most versatile pickup (imo).

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