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  1. There are more floating around such as... http://www.tymguitars.com.au/?p=52 but the green amps your best bet imo.
  2. If you are playing at a venue that has good sounds, otherwise it sounds like a mud fight.
  3. http://greenamps.com/ as used by just about every single stoner band in history sleep, electric wizard, Boris, high on fire, orange goblin etc. they don't come cheap tho.
  4. It sounds F*cking Brutal and it's one of the loudest amps I've heard. I do play guitar through it some times but i would much rather player the Rockerverb, as it just sounds better for guitar imo. Orange already have enough bass response after all i am not in Sunn O)))) so what use would i have for that much bass.
  5. I sleep next too/with this beast. Sunn 300T 4x10 cab
  6. Keep the sunns and save up to buy the orange as well! Or just get a Matamp clone.
  7. I wish they would do a tour over here, They rock so #### hard!
  8. You Sir are a God!I #### Love sunn's!!!
  9. Peaveys are great, Blackstar are great too. maybe a Vox night train or an orange Dual Terror.
  10. I love those jazzy's but i can't see the pics can you post another link ?
  11. not really, they are about the same price as far as i've seen.
  12. The tiny terrors are white, besides you can get black and white orange amps.
  13. Not much clean head room with the TT's tho plus with that sort of money you could just buy a Dual terror.
  14. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #### awesome guitars!!
  15. now for pics! Oh i forgot to mention my Orange Rockerverb 100 Head running into a little 1x12. :rock:
  16. Update time Pedalzzz vox wah, morley classic wah, 2004 NYC big muff, 80's Proco Rat, devi Ever Truly beautiful disaster fuzz, Pigtronix polysaturator, MI audio Blue Boy Deluxe (first run), Boss PH2, PS-5, SD-1, DD-7, DD3, RC20 looper, EHX memory man, Ibanez CF-7, 80's Ibanez PT909 phaser. next pedal on my GAS list eventide Space! Current guitars- Gibson SG Raw Power and a modded Ibanez ORM1, but im looking at getting a gretsch or a jazzy soon. Amps- Blackstar HT20, Vox AC30, Peavey Bandit, Kustom DSP30 Ashdown POS.
  17. Holy #### Awesome, they are so freaking good. i don't know much about that amp, but i do know that every sunn I've heard kicks some serious ass! I demand a demo when you get it!
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