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  1. ahhh. Fender Reissue eh... how does it sound? and is that a Rockerverb head? the 300T is a bass head, are you playing guitar through it?

    It sounds F*cking Brutal and it's one of the loudest amps I've heard. I do play guitar through it some times but i would much rather player the Rockerverb, as it just sounds better for guitar imo. Orange already have enough bass response after all i am not in Sunn O)))) so what use would i have for that much bass.

  2. Yes, got it last friday and it´s a wonderfull guitar!

    Playability is perfect, the floating tremolo works great and stays in tune.

    The sound is hard to describe for me in a foreign language, but it´s my No.1 guitar right now...

    Played it on monday through my AC30 with the band and i was blown away...Really like to get a slightly overdrive tone right out of the amp with no pedals and use a boost for a little more.

    I´m playing in an indie/alternative rock band and this guitar gives me all i need.

    If you like to see some pics: http://www.tdpri.com/forum/other-guitars-other-instruments/295520-ngd-finally-jazzmaster.html

    I love those jazzy's but i can't see the pics can you post another link :) ?

  3. Update time


    vox wah, morley classic wah, 2004 NYC big muff, 80's Proco Rat, devi Ever Truly beautiful disaster fuzz, Pigtronix polysaturator, MI audio Blue Boy Deluxe (first run), Boss PH2, PS-5, SD-1, DD-7, DD3, RC20 looper, EHX memory man, Ibanez CF-7, 80's Ibanez PT909 phaser. next pedal on my GAS list eventide Space!

    Current guitars- Gibson SG Raw Power and a modded Ibanez ORM1, but im looking at getting a gretsch or a jazzy soon.

    Amps- Blackstar HT20, Vox AC30, Peavey Bandit, Kustom DSP30 Ashdown POS.

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