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  1. So... I got my Blacktop Jazz HS yesterday and I have to say, this is a fantastic guitar. Just beautiful tones - also picked up a Frontman 212r to run it through and my god, it's just all sounding fantastic. Best purchase I've ever made, and all at stupidly reasonable prices.

    If anyone is considering the HS as next purchase... DO IT!

    Good to know, if i end up selling my stang i am going to buy one.

  2. Yeah, but for me, I will never have $3000 dollars worth of amplifying equipment.

    I am on the tightest budget you could imagine. Imagine yourself having no money,

    and multiply that by 10. Vox & their $3000 dollar amps can blow me.

    Dude im poor as well, i have zero income i can't even pay for smokes or beer it #### sucks :-tired .

    Yes im sure you can get a good sound out of a line 6 if you have a chance to play it for a few hours, i had to walk on stage settup all my pedals then just plug into this beast with a total of 10 seconds for tweaking.


  3. Also, don't let Feedback fool you, the Line 6 amps have great

    sound for someone on a budget and a lot of variety all things considered.

    This is a good point, but they are very frustrating when you show up at a gig wtih $3000 bucks worth of amps then the tell you you can't use them and you have to use the in house gear they provide and it's line 6. it's a good starting off point but they can never compair to an vox AC30 or a Plexi stack.

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