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  1. my understanding:

    they are electronically the same. the 57 has a proximity effect for vocalists that acts as a bass boost, filling out weak vocals. the 58's windscreen gives slightly less high-end response, and the ball at the end eliminates the proximity effect. I figure that since I will be using it mainly as a mic for guitar cabs, the high end response is more important than wind noise reduction.

    should have said it was just for cabs ^^

  2. Its way more complicated then this but basicly the frequency response is setup so that a 57 is more ideal for instrument micing & a 58 is set for vocals.

    the ONLY difference is that 58=pop filter. ergo as a starting mic it would be better to use a 58 because that way if you ever need to record vocals it would sound better.

    "useless information", the president of the USA uses 2 sm57s w/ big windscreens for all his public speaches.

    lol thats awesome, how did you find that out?

  3. actually, the black one looks BY FAR better.

    meh, i like the white better but maybe becasue anything that omar uses is EPIC.

    and, if i were omar, i'd start playing another non-stock color NOW.

    (purple sparkle?)

    hehehee it would not surprise me, it will be cool to see when they tour ^^

    I want a left-handed white one to mod so I could play right-handed and be super hXc.

    <3 thats hella tight!


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