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  1. my playing isn't good enough yet to warrant owning a "genuine" Fender.

    ahaha i cant play well but i enjoy playing and the time i have invested in playing warrants me having the status symbol of owning a fender.

    Another is that I would rather own several guitars with several personalities rather than one super-good guitar, but which is still only one guitar.

    ya i to agree with you but in theory only becasue once i got my mustang i have not played one of my other guitars.

    And yeah, the figuring and flame really are great on this thing. Looks even better in person :)

    how much was it? i LOVE the look of them, look sexy as. if only it was black with red tort pick plate.

  2. I think it's advised that you use the distortions/overdrives/fuzzes in the line straight between guitar and amp, and that it's fine to use eveything else in the loop. Not totally sure if that's correct or not... I haven't had any personal experience with effects loops, and have often wondered about them myself...

    i will try it out RIGHT now... on second thoughts it will be in about 15 mins when them tubes have warmed up

  3. whats up jag-ers

    just a quick question- i have been using pedals for a about a year now but only recently did i decide to try and work out the FX loop, when i first worked it out it seamed to work fine. but then i found it sucking volume and tone from my bigmuff, then the delay sounded dodgy. after that i lost heart and have never used it since but i am hoping some of you guys could help me with it, should i use SOME of them in the fx loop or what

    gear-vox wah-big muff-bad monkey-Boss SD1-Ibanez CF7-DD6-analog delay-


  4. yeah i llike my Gibsons alot they all play very well and they look like works of art to me, then again so do my fenders i just find guitars beautiful!

    Those are my gibsons, 2 les pauls and an SG



    ...... WOW p90's in sg? also that red les paul was one of the best i have EVER seen (i dont like most of 'em) it looks like the dark fire, but not so fukcing ####.

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