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  1. Cakewalk SONAR 8 is a very nice recording program. If you are absolutely dead set on something that doesn't require hardware, though, I would have to recommend Steinberg Cubase 4. It's exceptionally powerful with a nice interface that includes a "virtual control room" eliminating the need for an external mixing board.

    The industry standard, as you are well aware, is Pro-tools, however. Your friend should seriously consider getting himself at least an M-box mini recording bundle, as it would cost about the same as SONAR or Cubase.

    If he isn't looking at Pro-Tools b/c he thinks it's only for Mac, you guys need to take a second look. Since Apple's switched to Intel, they have had to make huge changes on the software level and b/c of this, the new Pro-Tools IS WINDOWS COMPATIBLE!!!! If you were already aware of this, then Steinberg is my recomendation, then SONAR. Good luck, and happy recording!!

    thanks for the info, but my mate already got his room set up *finds pics* i think he is using protools but i am not sure any more.

    its a mad room

    -mixing desk/mac

    -power amp

    -turntables/kaoss pad/


    -about 6 fenders

    thanks any way :)

  2. Secondary Mains - (I alternate these out when the mood strikes)

    1998 Fender Jaguar w/ Cool Rails Pickups


    - Digitech Whammy WH-4

    - BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter

    WOW i LOVE that jag whats the deal with cool rail, is it just what the name suggests (like hot rails but not as hot).

    as for your pedals, Nice!! i want the PS-5 and the WH-4 soooo bad what do you think is better out of the 2?

  3. i think i might have conned my dad into getting a 4x12 cab for my ashdown peace maker, well thats what i told him it was for. but its just so when i get a tiny terror i dont have to buy the combo.

    so what would be the best CHEAP 4x12 cab about 400-500 aus thats about 250-320 USA

    the speaker the ashdown has and wanted to get a cab with them in it, celestion vintage 30's BUT i think they are a bit on the pricey side so what would other people recommend

    keep in mind i would like to be able to find one easily so i dont have to pay to much shipping.


  4. I make nice Harmonic Percolators covered in gingham. They look extra fancy. Sold out the current batch, but get in touch if you'd like one of the next lot. Demos on youtube, just search 'Fredric Effects'.

    These ones

    ahah no way, i was looking at your stuff the other day BEFORE i looked at this. i would buy one but now my music teacher is going to help me make one. i have to make a pedal to get my cert 3 any way.

  5. ok i live in Australia (so dose rob you should PM him about looking) there is a few places to look BUT it depends ware you live, Melbourne is the music capital of AUS.

    shops to keep an eye on-






    http://www.guitaremporium.com.au/ (note you will find a Travis bean in that shop ;)

    i dont think there is any at the moment but its the only way you are likely to find one

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