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  1. WOW seriously? that's awesome, best news i have heard all day thanks a bunch.

    They don't have a website, so if you wanted more info you would have to go in or phone. If you're in Melbourne, the shop is about 50 metres from Glen Iris train station.

    Really gruff, straight-down-the-line type guys, but catch them on a good day and you will be fine...

    Good luck getting the Stang. I wanted one, but I lack the money, and my playing isn't up to owning such a sweet guitar :)

    teheh i cant play that well i just like collecting guitars, i am hoping that mr. kevin rudds Christmas bonus will help me get mine.

    tragic well it was more of a qestion for the people that DO live in austalia, i was just looking for some sugestions you dont have to be so rude about it. i am sorry that i missinterpreted you post about finding one,but i dont apreceate being abused one a forum where i just came for some advise (typing it into google was the first thing i did).

  2. Well, I can't help you on where to find any of them. Robbmonster might have a hint or two though (being Aussie himself :wink: )

    But go for a Mustang if you can find one, they are simply amazing. The new Squier Duo is really nice too. A lot simpler (elecronically) than the Mustang.

    I DO have hints for him, Pete, good call...

    Foxy, you're in Victoria... go to Real Guitars in Geln Iris, Melbourne. They have THREE CIJ Mustangs hanging on their wall ranging from $845 to $955. Not sure exactly what models though...

    WOW seriously? that's awesome, best news i have heard all day thanks a bunch.

  3. Who the hell is omar



    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=HxcqEIWVr ... re=related

    this is his old guitar now he plays his signature guitar :lol: but most of the time he plays a white one that you cant buy.

    i just remembered that that dose not answer the question Omar Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez he played guitar for at the drive-in and now 'the mars volta's' main man


  4. its just WAY to hard buying stuff like that off the net, my dad would never spend that much over the internet. i don't have any way to pay other than that..... but a few months ago i found a guy who was selling 2 (one black one Antigua) but $1000 dose seam a bit much for a second hand, but meh i will ask him any way.

  5. ok guys i need a new guitar but i don't know what to buy i want a mustang first up, but i dont know if i can find one (not very common in Australia) but i would not mind any jaguars/jazzmasters/duosonics/cyclones. i have also been looking at squier supersonics and the 50's duo-sonic reissue. i have about 800-1000 ***Australian*** $$$'s so what would other people recommend also a place where i could buy it.


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