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  1. Ebay.

    where are you located? if you live in the US it won't be hard at all.

    Im under the impression that the the thin skin jags are US made if they are I think that $1500 is a good price but you might be able to find a cheaper one. it all depends where you live and how much you are willing to pay for shipping.

    as for the matching headstock as far as i know they never made fiesta with a matching headstock, but they did make them in Cand apple red(red sparkle).

    but just for the record i think it looks even cool than fiesta


  2. Do you know about how much those ones go for Luke? They look pretty good. If I was gonna get one I think I'd either save for one of them or do what Rox said and just mod one of the Squier ones with two humbuckers.

    Well im not sure, i think it would depend on the seller. just keep an eye open on ebay. the one in the picture is $1250Aus.

  3. Okay, Okay - I suppose this forum has seen a few pics of these guitars kickin' around - My excitement comes from the fact that it's a lefty! And that I stumbled upon it randomly at a yardsale for a fraction of it's value. If you ever happen to find another one like this Foxy, please let me know cause I will buy it instantly. Thanks :)

    good ponit about it being a lefty they are bloody hard to find. Sounds like a bloody awesome yard sale, how much did you end up paying?

    Will do!

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