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  1. Bleach: Hi Flyer copy, Epiphone Strat thingy with the Jag-esque switches Nevermind: Mustang, Jag, Strats In Utero: Jag, Les Paul copy
  2. Looks darned amazing. If Fender made these I'd definitely consider stealing one.
  3. Y'know like the types of multieffects where you scroll through patches (like the Digitech ones) instead of having a few knobs and footswitches (like the BOSS ones)? Well it's more like the BOSS ones with the switches and stuff.
  4. Never heard of her so I looked her up, and LOLOLOL she looks like a young Brian Molko.
  5. You obsessed with trying to get everyone to do demo's or something? Watched the vid BTW, it does sound nice for a digital one. Lately I've been obsessed with really cheap, unknown pedals for some reason. In Stevenage's Cash Converters ATM they have this weird multieffects thing that just has delay (with long and short modes), chorus and overdrive/distortion on it and it's laid out like those BOSS ME-20's or ME-50's with the dedicated switches instead of patches. It's only £20, I'm thinking about getting it, I need a long delay of sorts anyway so I don't really care if the distortion is #### or whatever, and it might be fun to mess around with anyway.
  6. Yes, I am clearly a fag. Truth is, I know webcams are cheap and all but I'm hardly online at all nowadays, and pretty much never on a laptop... I just leave my accounts on here and Facebook logged in all the time on my iPod and go on it when I get a chance. Lately if I'm not at school then I'm sleeping or out somewhere else, so yeah, that's the reason. I will do one eventually though, this is my last year of education before all the rich kids go off to Uni so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time when I'm fat, unemployed and friendless is a few month's time.
  7. No chance of a demo I'm afraid, although if I ever get a camera that does video too I think I'll owe you all a long overdue demo of this and the Jagmaster lawls. Yeah image wise they're not for everyone, but I do actually quite like the way it looks. It's not very indie (or maybe that just makes it more indie?) but it's kind of cool in a "piece of #### that Thurston Moore might have played live on one song in the 80's after finding it in a secondhand shop" sort of way, even if that is incredibly specific.
  8. Well I would, but I still don't have a camera that does video stuff as well as pictures... So I'm afraid y'all are just gonna have to imagine the shweet toanz of teh new axe.
  9. Glad you like them. It is great when you hear a band that love as much music as their listeners do.
  10. Haha don't worry about it. Thread jacking is fine on this forum, I think as long as it's not a very specific topic asking for help or something most people don't mind it. I did check out that live Pixies stuff, yeah. They deserve all the praise they can get IMO, Surfer Rosa is probably my personal favourite. You're right about the Pumpkins being influenced too, I think Billy said once that on Gish he was trying to get that Surfer Rosa drum sound. It's a shame Steve Albini hates Corgan, I reckon they could do some really interesting stuff. But oh well.
  11. £29 is like $45 if I remember correctly. I know what you mean about Floyds, I love the things you can do if you have one but the maintenence is just awful. Changing strings mid-gig would be a nightmare. And yeah, the later Modest Mouse stuff (their last two albums) are that kind of Killers/Franz Ferdinand early 2000's indie, but their earlier stuff (which is the best stuff IMO) is almost like a space-rock Pixies type thing with the sprawling Sonic Youth-y guitar epics. Their third album, The Moon & Antarctica, is one of my favourite albums, that's when they got the recording budget to do properly spacey stuff and it's just amazing. Great songwriting, great textures and guitar playing, and their bassist is one of the best I've heard. Their first two are more raw and punky production-wise, but still both epic.
  12. Yeah, I meant guitars for metal music. His style is full of Floyd-ed natural harmonics and stuff, it's really unique. That's a pretty cool guitar too, very EVH indeed. Covered with stickers, I can imagine that to be the kind of thing Corgan would've played too.
  13. Thanks, yeah, I did end up buying it. It was too much of a bargain to pass up IMO. I love the colour too, I mean it's a massive coincidence that just when I'm looking for something that specific, along it comes, and ridiculously cheap too. I don't know if I saw the picture of your guitar... Is it in the "Pictures of Your Guitars" thread? BTW, if you like the whole thing of using guitars for things they weren't built for, check out Modest Mouse if you haven't heard of them already. Their guitarist uses "metal" guitars (to start with just because they were cheap, but now because he actually likes them), and the Floyd Rose had a massive impact on his playing, considering they're an alternative band. Check out the songs Dramamine, Teeth Like God's Shoeshine and Life Like Weeds by them.
  14. Hey guys, so as you probably don't know I've been wanting some kind of possibly silver superstrat for a while now, I love the necks on METALZ guitars and they just seem like the types of guitars that are useful for a lot of things. Anyways, I was just minding my own business on the website of my local guitar shop when I saw they had some POS that looked like a copy of a copy of the kind of thing I was after, and for the bargain price of £29. So today I went in there to try it out and, lo and behold, it was actually quite good. The neck and pickups are both great for the price, although the bridge is awful, but that can be replaced if it really proves that bothersome. Here it is:
  15. Think about it. Bleach tone: Hi Flyer/that Epi Strattish thing > DS-1 > Fender Twin Nevermind tone: HH Jag/Mustang/Strat > DS-1, Small Clone, loads of overdubs > Twin/Mesa (I think?) In Utero tone: Les Paul copy (yes), Jag > Sansamp, Polychorus > No idea about amps Kurt never used the J-S that much, and for what it did well he preferred his Mustang anyway. The Jag-Stang was never a huge part of his setup.
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