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  1. i had a jagmaster but the Toronado wins cuz its frickin sexy
  2. i went to the hardwear store but couldnt find one small enough...i will look again but if they dont have one how do you do the tooth pick thing....how many do you do? and do you use glue?
  3. get a fmt tele....if you get one new they come stock with duncans....or if you find and old one they have DiMarzios......the neck is way better then my jagmaster neck was and better then the neck on a mustang that i played....and they sound ####in sweet and feel amazing
  4. i thought about doing that but im scared this is my first and only fender
  5. could i take a wooden dowel and wood glue it in...let it dry and redrill in that?
  6. So I got this FMT tele in a cherry transparent red color with DiMarzio pickups so its one of the older ones its a 2005 and back then they were only making these for 2 years but they came stock with DiMarzios....anywho the problem is, is that my strap button things..the screw that holds them in is stripped and i dont know what to do....Something needs to be done because i payed good money for this guitar and it is my main guitar so if any of you have advice on what to do it would be very helpful Thank You
  7. yeah i only use the bridge pick up but something makes me feel better just know that im not limited to only the bridge pick up......like my tele i use bridge only but i can also make the humbuckers both be on or just the neck or the bridge...i just feel better knowing that i have more options
  8. yeah i love the tele way more.....i like the bronco because of the mustang shape but i cant get over the one pickup thing
  9. Well i put an ad on craigs list that said telecaster wanted $300......no one called and it was like 3 days after i put the ad up so i went to the local pawn shops to look for a tele, i stumbled across that bronco....it was black the pickguard faded almost yellow it was beat up bad....needed all new hardwear because the stuff that was on it looked to be rusty.....and the guy took the knobs off of it.....I wanted to buy it and make it into a mustang type thing with a humbucker in the bridge and a mustang pickup in the neck but i was low on cash...........the next day a guy called me saying he bought a FMT tele and didnt like playing it (he said he is more of an acoustic fan ewwww) he said he bough it put the DiMarzios in and only played it for 8 hours total.
  10. hey guys i got a bearly used Fender FMT Telecaster and a Vintage style fender case all for 300 bucks the case is like 200 alone and the guitar is like 700 or something the guy that had it before me put dimarzio's in both the neck and bridge i will try to post pics later......I also found a Fender Bronco that was made in 1976 for $280 but i passed it up
  11. How do the fender strings sound? Yeah I think im the only person that has hated strings like this
  12. I think John Lennon's gay along with all the other Beatles
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