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  1. Not trying to spam here but we sell that Guardian case at our shop. I'm sure a Jag will fit but I can double check it if you want. I'm pretty sure I could sell one for $80.00 shipped to lower US.
  2. We were just discussing the neck plate idea yesterday at the time we were putting the cigarette burn (using an acual cigarette) in the headstock. The crazing was done using a can of compressed air. Holding the can upside down spray the area you want to craze. It will frost up and you can hear the cracking. Some people say you need to heat it first with a hair dryer but that wasn't neccessary. I have heard that if you heat it with a hairdryer (it would need to be really hot) then throw it in a snow bank also works. I would think maybe evn in a freezer.
  3. Yea, that photo of the crazing is not very good. It's not THAT obvious. Usually I have to move it around for people to see it, it must be because of the flash of the camera. Anyway, here's a few more up to date pics. It's a slow process. I've been looking at a lot of photos online, trying to get it right. Also, I bought a new strap. It's not an old one but will do for now. http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag2_001.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag2_002.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag2_003.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag2_005.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag2_006.jpg
  4. I'm new here but I'll jump in here too. My current Classic Player HH. In the process or relicing the new paint job.
  5. Yes, the original sunburst paint was stripped. I worked on it some more today, I scuffed the pickguard, put a few dings and chips in it and expanded the worn areas. I still need to darken the back of the neck and add the manditory cigarette burn in the headstock.
  6. I've got about $400. into the paint job. I'm looking for a cool 60s strap for it, like a Bobby Lee with the metal buckle.
  7. Here's some quickie photos. Keep in mind this a work in progess. Still needs more wear in top and back, a few chips around the edges, belt buckle rash and darken the back of the neck and bare wood. I found an old set of machines I had taken off a Strat. They have just the right amount of wear. http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag_001.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag_002.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag_004.jpg http://www.atomiclifestyle.net/assets/images/my_jag_005.jpg
  8. Good day my fellow 6 stringers. I'm not so new to Jaguars, my dad owned one in the 60's and it's what I learned to play on. In the early 70's for Christmas we had him trade it in, my brother and I paid the difference, on a new Mosrite (which he wanted) and I now own. I work at guitar shop in Midland MI. a few months ago we recieved one of the new Mexi Classic Player HH Jags. I was very impressed with it and was in the maket for a new ax with humbuckers. Since my preference is towrds Fender I decided to order one. I was disappointed in the fact that it was only offered in 2 colors (white and sunburst) When I recieved mine I had it painted Aztec Gold, a color I've always really likied. Not being able to leave well enough alone I decided to relic it. I know that many of you are not in favor of this but I dig the "worn" look so I've been working at it little by little. I'll post some pics shorty. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi.
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