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  1. This Case works just fine for me, and it's quite cheap if I say so myself(In a good way).
  2. It'll probably be 379.99 like the newest CV's and all that
  3. Say, did you find that guitar a Guitar Center in west palm beach florida?
  4. Really, I want a guitar shaped like Colorado, or maybe nevada
  5. I have two more to add Fender Telecaster AVRI 62 in seafoam green, and I know they already make it, but I can't afford it, thus making it a dream guitar Gibson Les Paul with an SG shaped neck, gold hardware, yellowed alpine white finish, with matching headstock, and a gold gretsch white falcon pickguard.
  6. If you wired each pot to the output jack would it give you more options?
  7. Could you have instead of the standard 1 vol 2 tone setup of the strat, could you instead have 3 stacked pots 1 for each pickup?
  8. Some people argue that the Synchronized trem is more/less stable than the Floating Trem and the Dynamic trem. I've got a cyclone with the tremolo stable enough to be used like a floyd rose, and stay in tune. Then you have Mad-Mike who has used the Dynamic and Floating tremolos in the same way. It's not the style of tremolo you are using that determines stability, it's the setup. Sure some are easier to get to the point of stability than others(I.E. Floyd Roses) but every tremolo offers the potential to be stable, except the gibson vibrola, that is just a bad design.
  9. Technically, the Jag-stang wasn't a signature guitar, it was a design made by Kurt Cobain, like a Les Paul isn't a signature guitar. All they did was put the name of who originally designed it on the headstock Now if they do reissue it, I hope that the only thing they change is the pick-ups, I love the neck on my jag-stang
  10. GUITAR Mustang Jazzmaster Jaguar Jag-stang Cyclone Toronado Jagmaster Duosonic Bronco Musicmaster Marauder Electric XII Maverick Swinger Coronado BASS Jazz Bass Mustang Bass Bronco Bass Jaguar Bass
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