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  1. I like you. You're okay in my book. Mastery bridge is probably your best bet. Also, I recommend .013-.056 gauge strings (Jazz Medium, in D'addario jargon). I use 'em, and I've never had a problem with knocking them out of tune.
  2. Such a good song! I can't remember where I first heard that song. It was either exploring Verizon Rhapsody, some commercial, or Tony Hawk . I immediately dropped some allowance on it.
  3. Just found this video yesterday. I went digging through my dusty CD collection and fell back in love with all my favorite late 90s/ early 00s pop-punk bands.
  4. Livingstone is just a name. The pedals are manufactured by Daphon in China. They also manufactured the Ibanez Soundtank line of pedals.
  5. I can dig it. Cool looking instrument. Daren Malakian (sp?) from System of a Down rocked one.
  6. Based on the red, my first suggestion would be to go vintage: aged white covers with anodized aluminum pickguard. Red tort would also look great. However, seeing that you're committed to the abalone, I'd say stick with some basic black or white covers and avoid the abalone knobs. The knobs would just make it look gaudy. Set it up with some sleek black or chrome witch hats. This is all just my taste though, I've no right to decide what goes on your Jazzmaster. I remember seeing a Jag with an abalone pickguard and mixed black/white covers and thinking it looked pretty classy.
  7. They have some Buy It Now listings on the American ebay for that pedal for about that amount... My God, I got confused typing that sentence !
  8. I'd get the one that actually looks like a Jazzmaster and has the vibrato... I'm more attracted to cheap copies than cheap originals or expensive originals...
  9. Good choice. They sound real nice, from my experience . Personally, I'm more partial to lipstick-tube units when it comes to single-coil pickups, but I like that you're going for a modicum of authenticity .
  10. I struggled with the look of it for a while. It seems to border on fantastically sexy and over the top yet awesome. I've settled on the latter. Fixt .
  11. I like the Holy Grail. Some cool sounds, that one...
  12. I used to lust after a good phaser CONSTANTLY, until I realized that the sound I was looking for could be had via a chorus or flanger. Since then, I've purchased an amazing chorus and thumbed my nose at every phaser to come my way.
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