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  1. I can't wait to get this put together, I'm so excited!

    Pup cover color suggestions though?

    Based on the red, my first suggestion would be to go vintage: aged white covers with anodized aluminum pickguard. Red tort would also look great.

    However, seeing that you're committed to the abalone, I'd say stick with some basic black or white covers and avoid the abalone knobs. The knobs would just make it look gaudy. Set it up with some sleek black or chrome witch hats.

    This is all just my taste though, I've no right to decide what goes on your Jazzmaster. I remember seeing a Jag with an abalone pickguard and mixed black/white covers and thinking it looked pretty classy.

  2. I just added danelectro' tuna melt and corned beef, an artec analog delay and the behringer vintage phaser to my rig.

    I'm not really satisfied with the behringer.

    The others were cheap but are sounding great !

    I'm stupid, I don't like phaser, I should have never bought this crap !

    I used to lust after a good phaser CONSTANTLY, until I realized that the sound I was looking for could be had via a chorus or flanger.

    Since then, I've purchased an amazing chorus and thumbed my nose at every phaser to come my way.


  3. When using your pedals, what settings do you generally stick them on? What do you think sounds best? Why? I figure that by having a thread that compares pedals and settings, we all might be able to discover some new tones.

    Like this:

    DOD FX13 Gonkulator Modulator


    Suck - Just above 9 o'clock

    Smear - Just under 11 o'clock

    Gunk - fully counter-clockwise (off)

    Heave - fully clockwise (100%)

    Why?: It results in a bit-crusher like sound that I really enjoy. It's a tad more "metallic" than the standard bit-crusher (thanks to the ring modulator). Another thing I like is that in this setting, you get an excellent tone without too much whining from the internal oscillator. Also, with the knobs set this way, the input matches the output volume wise.

    DOD FX91 Bass Overdrive


    Level - 8 o'clock

    Blend - fully clockwise (100%)

    Tone - [N/A] (I change it depending on my mood)

    Drive - fully clockwise (100%)

    Why?: You get a sweet, grinding overdrive/distortion with virtually no hiss or background noise. The reason I put "N/A" for tone is because it's essentially a treble booster, and the location depends primarily on how much "bite" I want the distortion to have for any given set up. Plus, with that setting, the input matches the output volume wise.

    Boss CE-3


    Rate - I) 1-3 o'clock

    -----II) fully clockwise (100%)

    Depth - I) fully clockwise (100%)

    --ii--i-II) fully clockwise (100%)

    Why?: Well, in mode I (mono-out) you get an excellent smooth chorus sound. Perfectly warm, nice and quiet. Most excellent. In mode II (stereo-out) the sound is a straight up vibrato, like someone is pulling the whammy bar up and down. Really nice, really smooth.

  4. So me and my buddy were arguing the other day in wich strap locks were better. I say the Schaller locks are better then the Dunlop. My buddy says the opposite. Just curious to know wich strap locks you guys use and like the best.


    Hate to break it to you, but your buddy is right. Dunlop Straploks FTW.

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