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  1. I know that. I want a Polychorus, but it's still in production. The Echoflanger is technically a different product.
  2. Share the schematic for the POG 1 and the Echoflanger ?
  3. I had a MIK Squier Precision. Incredible bass. Sold it because I was GASing for something else... In retrospect, I should have kept it and modded it up (I would have probably swapped out the pickups, added a clandestine series/parallel switch, and change the pickguard to red pearloid with only a volume knob). Still, had I not sold it, I wouldn't have my awesome Fernandes Atlas 4X!
  4. For a great non-warbly chorus, check out the Boss CE-3. I have one (MIJ, green label), and you don't get a horrible amount of modulation with both knobs all the way up. Does kind of a mild Leslie, but nothing really weird. I am going to be modding it soon to exchange the range and maybe cut back some noise. It's not really necessary, because the pedal sounds great as-is, but it's something I'd like to do... Also, it has a stereo-out, so if you set it to mode II (Output B = Dry, Output A = Wet) and dime both knobs it becomes a vibrato pedal!
  5. I'd rather go baritone or full bass 6-string than 7-string... The 7-string layout just looks really weird and uncomfortable to me .
  6. Why? The mis-matching gives it a nice, "Look what I picked up." feel, in my humble opinion. Like when I got my Aria bass with some odd, no-name case from the early 90s, and a strap from a 60s Japanese guitar company .
  7. *facepalm* We have a trade/sale forum, but it is only available to users with a certain post count. Threads like this are off limits until then. We appreciate your interest in the Jag-Stang, but I don't believe anyone has one for sale right now anyone. Check ebay and your local listings, that'll be your best bet.
  8. OH! When I read this, my eyes went straight to the "calculate" part. As far as I know, most people here should be able to tell you the standard distance (I can't though, I'm right useless ). As for calculating a way to get more noise, I can't really help you there either, but from my experience, you can generate plenty of excellent noises with the standard bridge set up. Ask Lee Ranaldo.
  9. Fuzzy. Not as shrill and noisy as your standard Big Muff. Warm. Really nice classic fuzz tone, in my opinion. They don't sound crappy like regular Big Muffs, but still have that old-school, analog, Electro-Harmonix vibe. I'd compare the Big Muff and the Double Muff like this: The Big Muff is a sour apple, the Double Muff is an apple pie. The Nano Muff (Muff Overdrive), is just half of a Double Muff. Really all you need in my opinion, but the "two-fuzz" option is nice. All in all, they're just really sweet sounding pedals that can go from a mild overdrive to a rip-roaring fuzz without the cold, shrill, mid-scooped sound of your run-of-the-mill Big Muff. These, in my humble opinion, are what the Big Muff should sound like. Not to offend Earth (as I do admire his Big Muff collection) or any other Big Muff fan, they're just not my cup of tea. I'll always be a fan of EHX though, despite disliking the Big Muff. Most of their pedals are brilliant (Frequency Analyzer, Double Muff, POG, Holy Grail, Small Stone, Small Clone, Electric Mistress, etc).
  10. Hmm, pretty sure no one here has the tools to measure this. That being said, several members have put Jaguar/ Jazzmaster vibratos on their Jag-Stang guitars... Fran, Garagetone, probably some more I'm forgetting .
  11. And whore he did! Seriously man, you're dredging the deep for some of these posts .
  12. thanks for clarifying that, I ttly had doubts It's because of my subtle wit and universal sex appeal .
  13. Sorry man, no sale topics for you just yet... After a certain number of posts (which will be kept secret for now), you will be able to access the Buy/Sell/Trade portion of the forums... Until then, threads like these are off-limits.
  14. i dont think i would be able to do that, so not worth getting stock? Haha. Really not as hard as you might think. Still, not a big fan of the Big Muff. I prefer the Double Muff or Muff Overdrive.
  15. Haha, and Pickguardian does excellent work. (BTW: not a woman, in case anyone has any doubts)
  16. PMS will do that to you. Believe me. Apparently our schedules are in sync .
  17. A little high-brow for me (I think chrome would do just fine), but I'm a utilitarian jackass. The gold hardware would still be pretty classy .
  18. YES! YES! ONE MILLION TIMES YES! Toronado's are great guitars. They're kind of like Lee Ranaldo Jazzmasters with a different bridge .
  19. Haha! I bumped your thread on Harmony Central! Coincidences.
  20. +1 I would have responded, but it's not like you asked a question or posted any progress pics. All I really could have said was "Sounds good..." That being said, it sounds like a good project, we just need a little more to go on here .
  21. Can true vintage wide range hbs even b gotten for anywhere near $200??!? I'm not sure if Ive seen the new ones go for that cheap? I have thought about it tho, I loved my Tele w/ them & I'm running into a weird problem. All the reviews I read on SD hbs are all installed on LPs so I'm not sure how the.tone will change going into a fender pickguard type guitar. "Wide-range" humbuckers are just split pickups. Seriously, the pickups from any Precision or Mustang bass could give you the same sound...
  22. Added McPedo's list to to the effects directory .
  23. SO SEXY ! I love Mustang-shaped instruments (Duos, Musicmasters, Swingers, etc).
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