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  1. What about this 'stock design? I really like your designs, but I have a few suggestions: Have you tried giving it a German-carve? I think it would work really well. Also, a body (not arm) contour, for more comfortable playing... There might be one, I can't tell from the pics. My final suggestion is an orange one with yellow polka-dots. Or a graffiti yellow one with a pearloid pickguard ...
  2. Some local favorites, SMITING SHILLELAGH, with Mike O'Bohan rocking the Mustang (its a reissue I believe, I've played it once...) http://www.myspace.com/smitingshillelaghs Already posted but SONIC YOUTH: The last one isn't a Mustang, but it makes me wonder where FMI gets it's original ideas... So does this Kurt Cobain Mustang: *coughcoughstoleguitardesignscoughcoughhackwheeze* Mudhoney chronicled on the supreme Superfuzz Bigmuff + Mustang: Also, not sure about the Fender Custom/ Maverick, but it has Mustang hardware
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