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  1. http://i719.photobucket.com/albums/ww196/Gatcomb/BiancaWithBlackHardware.jpg I threw some new hardware on mine. At the moment, mostly aesthetic modifications. Black tuning machines/string trees, black trem arm/tip, black pickup rings and black/chrome bridge assembly. Oh, and some gaudy chrome knobs. That's it... for now.
  2. Correct. I think that I would just have to do a little shaving. Get rid of the little corners that hug the existing trem. I'm not looking for another guitar or more parts. I'm only considering the items that I currently have and, unfortunately, all of my hardtail bridges would require filling the trem hole in order to mount. And between those, my Bronco setup and my Mustang vibrato, the Mustang would have less time involved. Actually, I have a bridge from a '93 Duo Sonic reissue that might work. Doesn't really look that great, though.
  3. Yeah, that was an option that I considered. But I find removing strings to be a pain in the ass sometimes. Ball and bullet ends occasionally get lodged in the block and the strings usually come out at an angle so you have to either remove the back plate or screw around trying to get them to line up with the holes. All in all, I prefer top-loading bridges.
  4. Actually, I removed the springs to disengage the vibrato. Never use it anyway.
  5. What do you guys think of this? (The quality is kind of poor. Did it in MS Paint.) I prefer the Mustang vibrato over that of the Strat. I removed the springs from my Mustang so I don't have to route very large channels.
  6. Pretty #### sad, isn't it? I found it in a Custom Shop calendar. You should see it in its brilliant entirety.
  7. You'll have to forgive me. I forgot the #### Wangcaster. I'm not one to plug products or other sites but I would definitely encourage you to check out this thread. http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/ind ... 707.0.html
  8. Where to start, where to start? I could throw in the shark guitar made by Jay Turser. No, that won't do. Or the toilet seat guitar. Ah, #### it. I'll post one of Fender's own designs. I present to you... the TARGET race car guitar!
  9. I have noticed that. To me it is comparable to the surf scene where you have to be a Dick Dale clone for your music to be considered "surf". (Same for instrumentals where people frequently rip off the Ventures.) Personally, I hate when art has to become so regimented and stale. I still stand by the Jagmaster neck. I have played some Gibsons and PRSs that were absolutely uncomfortable for me. I am never concerned about the type of wood used for a neck unless it compromises the strength and integrity. My sentiments exactly.
  10. What?! You don't love the MTV guitar?! Could you imagine a star actually rocking that piece of crap on stage? You would have all of these people wanting copies of it. That dude from Nickelback would look really funny playing it.
  11. I had a 22" (rounded down) scale MIM Duo-Sonic. Oddly, I miss that guitar. Between the three-barrel-saddle bridge and the Ping Deluxe (Kluson clone) tuning machines, the thing never stayed in tune. Even though I RARELY use my Strat trems, they do better staying in tune (for me, anyway) than the 1993 or the 1966 Duo Sonic bridges that I have used. I have only good things to say about my Jagmaster. Haven't played one of the Vintage Vibe Duo Sonics, though. Ben Franklin. Yep. Anyone ever read his essay on flatulance? Great stuff.
  12. There's a similar thread on offsetguitars.com relating to this. I think that it's called "Tackiest Guitars" or something. The MTV guitar is priceless. Absolutely badass! Just what I would love to see someone play onstage.
  13. Hmm... Neck pickup is nice and you are totally right about getting the jazz tones by backing off the tone. I really like the bridge pickup. For some reason, it really screams when used in conjunction with my Sovtek Big Muff and my Marshall amp. I guess that it is hit-or-miss with Jagmasters (and according to a few people at offsetguitars.com, Toronados, also) as far as the pickups are concerned. A lot of people feel that they need upgrades and a lot of people (myself included) ASSUMED that they would need to upgrade only to find that it was great stock and decided to leave it that way.
  14. Guess that my Jagmaster WAS the exception. The humbuckers are great. I think that a lot of people get hung up on the name-brand thing. As a guy who winds his own pickups, I would love to put someone to the test to tell the difference between Duncan, DiMarzio, Duncan-Designed or mine. Ha ha. You don't want her. She's hand painted and the wiring is butchered.
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