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  1. another unfinished pic waiting on parts....
  2. my friends ex stole a bunch of his gear and smashed the rest the only thing that sort of survived was the jag. the neck was broken and the body had breaks and chips all over the place. I fixed everything and than got bored so I decided to refinish it for him. here is a crappy teaser shot with my old ass phone. no finish yet just repaired, stripped (was black) and colored. Ill have finished pics tomorrow thanks for looking.
  3. Ive had an orange crush 10 for a few months not that Ive been using for low vol w/gain applications an I am very happy(60$ new). Of course Im sure it doesnt help that SS amp it replaced was a fender frontman DSP (which I hated with a passion but got free in a trade). However the 15r crush is a total POS I went through 3 and all had a horrid screech with the gain on and a annoying hum no matter what.
  4. marshall makes a new 5w combo thats pretty good for the price. for bedroom practice 5w is about all you need. they can get pretty loud. the epi blues custom is far for the prise and is 30w (Ithink). with some light mods most cheap tube combos can sound pretty sweet.
  5. I bought a delta labs td1 tube driver when they first came out for like 40$. And I gotta say it's one of the most useable transparent tube drivers I've ever used. I do t baby my pedals they get thrown in a bag and thrown in the car, I constantly break knobs and shiz but this little delta pedal has taken quite a lickin and keeps tickin. Battery lasts a while and it's built like a rock. I'm guessing you got a dud or it was a battery voltage issue like others suggested. All in all I'd rather a delta labs pedal to a boss almost any day.
  6. I know some people heat it up with a heat gun or hairdryer and scrape it off? I would do some google searches to find out the easiest way. I usually sand everything down but I have masks and am a good sander its easy to misshape something
  7. the 2 bands Im in are names "MAN INSANE" and "the broken speakers". on a funnier note my friend had a band called "the rub & tug's"
  8. my bandmate has the one pictured (I think, it has the yellow writing) and he swears by it. Im making him a wooden battery door because he ripped the old one right off with pliers because he couldn't find the right screwdriver(yea he's an animal). sounds great if yo now how to manipulate. I know here in NY they are pretty sought after not sure how much they are worth though. gear as a whole seems to be way down from a few years ago so if you hold onto it it may be worth something someday. I personally prefer modded black russians myself. good find though definitely a unique sound.
  9. thanks. it is actually poking out less than a 1/16th of n inch, but as fran suggested this isnt the trem I plan to use with this guitar ultimately was thinking of either wilkinson or some other fulcrum variant. Thanks ! the finish is a waterbourne satin lacquer with low VOC's. everything you suggested I planned on doing just wanted to iron out da kinks with some chepo sttuff I had lying around. the covers will be flush I was just excited 2 play it. plays like a freight train but it needs a good setup..
  10. and the back just gotta make a cover for the trem..
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