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  1. Yeah thats what I fear... I'm thinking maybe a pearl white. My current on is all scratched up and I think the pearl will look nice. Maybe I'll try to photoshop some different ideas before I attempt to talk the wife into it. lol
  2. yeah the black guard on silver sparkle is for the Jagmaster... I like the black on silver but I'm not sure what I should get, for the Super-Sonic... Oh and thanks for checking out my band and for the kind words! Thats very awesome of you!
  3. Does anyone have a different colored pick guard for their super-sonic? If so, post some pics. I just found some guy on ebay selling after market guards and I'm wondering what color would go good with a silver sparkle? My current pickguard is all scratched and boring I'm thinking black would be cool.... Thoughts???.....
  4. Getting this thread back on track... I hate going over this list cause every guitar I've ever sold (even if it seemed like the logical thing to do at the time) I HAVE ALWAYS REGRETTED IT LATER! In order of My most loved and longed for: 1. Limited edition cream with Gold hardware japanese Jaguar 2. Fennder Cyclone II (red) 3. Squier Super-Sonic (Black) 4. Fender RI Mustang (blue) 5. Squier Vista JagMaster (sunburts) 6. Squier Chinese JagMaster 7. Part together Stratocaster (seafoam Green) 8. Squier Cyclone (black) 9. and tons of squier strats and tele's tomany to even remember or list. And then the guitars I currently own: 1. CP Jazzmaster (burst) 2. Jag-Stang (blue) 3. Fender Telecaster (green) 4. Super-Sonic (silver Sparkle) 5. Fender Strat (white) 6. Fender Mustang Bass (red) 7. Charvel Acoustic A past pic of my guitars at one point
  5. By chance is it a Cyclone II ??? Cause I have a silver sparkle SS
  6. I can't wait to see it come together! Great looking Body! Keep us posted.
  7. I've wondered about the other way around. I've always been fond of the control plates on the jags but own a Jazz.
  8. Don't Risk it, just invest in a hard shell case
  9. Thats definitly not right... Check out this site it may help out. Its been awhile since I've seen the back side of a jag/jazz tremolo but it seems you can adjust the nut on the backside. I don't know. I didn't feel like reading the whole site. but it may help http://home.comcast.net/~rmessick2/Trem ... rm_Fix.htm
  10. Thanks for the positive responses! I'm lovin this JazzMaster! As for my user name, yes I'm a huge Pearl Jam Fan and Betterman was the inspiration for Vedderman. I thought it was clever. lol
  11. I bought this brand new on sale for $600.00 I finally got it paid off and took it home. It's a Classic Player 2008 MIM and it's TOTALLY SWEET!!
  12. As far as I know Fender only made Fenders in Korea for a few short years somewhere around the late 70's early 80's. Then they stopped Fender production and changed to Squier's for awhile in the mid to late 80's. I've read that the serial number starting with E1 +5 would be 1981 but my serial is E1+6 Any help??? I've read about everything I can find on Google about it but I'm having a hard time confirming.
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